Misfits S01E03

As Kelly’s walking to the community center the next morning she sees some bald jerk banging on Jodi’s door, screaming for her and saying that “I know you did it to me, you bitch!”  Is that perhaps the rat-faced glue-sniffing ex-boyfriend?

Kelly storms into the locker room, screaming about how Jodi must have turned her bald as well.  Kelly threatens to “batter her” and “rip her tits off,” while Nathan muses that it’s a rubbish superpower.  I agree: if you can make things happen just by pointing or thinking, you should be able to summon pie or booze or something.

Simon reports that the workers will pour cement over the building foundations soon, so they should hide the bodies there, hidden forever by concrete.  Nathan moans about digging up bodies just to rebury them in practically the same place, but Curtis agrees with Simon and Kelly calls him “dead smart.”  I absolutely do not find Creeper Duckling’s little smile at that adorable.  Nope, I do not.

After they’re done for the day, Alisha stares contemplatively out over the river as Curtis comes up to her and asks her if she can borrow her dad’s car again (for the reburying of the bodies).  Alisha’s still touchy, though, because rather than easily go along with a plan that’ll save her skin, she starts attacking Curtis and saying that Oh, he’ll talk to her again now that he wants something.  He’s not even famous anymore, he should be grateful to her.  Seriously, Alisha, did you take Entitled Jerk 101 or something?

Curtis says he doesn’t even want Alisha near him as Cute Charity Worker walks by.  Alisha cozies up to him and asks him out to the park, which means using her dad’s car is out.  Curtis stomps off, leaving Kelly, Simon, and Nathan to deal with the bodies.  At least the two smartest people in the group are still on task.  Simon says they can take Sally’s car, to which Nathan replies “Who’s Sally?”  Simon gives him his own great “You’re joking, right?” face in reply.  Fully expect me to recap all the fabulous faces in this show.

Invisible, Simon sneaks into Sally’s office and takes the keys from her purse.  Sally’s sitting right there as he does so, receiving a phone call from someone named Pete who has important news.  It’s probably about Tony and whatever Simon did with his credit card the night before.  They agree to meet in half an hour.

Wait, so the misfits are moving the bodies now?  In broad daylight?  It’s true that the area around the community center is strangely deserted, but even so.  C’mon, guys, I’m not a criminal and even I know this is a terrible idea.  And yes, right then Sally comes around the corner toward her car.  Simon, you were in the room when you heard her plan to meet someone, right?  Of course, Nathan left the keys in the car, so now Sally’s driven off with her dead ex-boyfriend and the delinquent he killed in her trunk.

Over at the park Cute Charity Worker tries to have a conversation with Alisha, but she’s not interested.  She gets up to leave, but he grabs her arm.  As he climbs on top of her, Curtis runs up to her rescue, but in the scuffle he touches Alisha too, and now they’re both gunning for her.  Alisha manages to squirm out of the car and get away, and Curtis runs after her.

The other three misfits are up on the roof, contemplating what’s happened.  They figure they’re going to prison now (Kelly says her career teacher said that’s where she’d end up).  Well, with all these lovely authority figures around them, no wonder the kids turned out this way.  Nathan reassures Kelly that she’ll do all right in prison, because she’s got the whole bald, butch thing going on.  Kelly slaps him up over that and Nathan whines that she hits him a lot.  You know you love it, Nathan.

Curtis chases Alisha to the top of the hill, and, Curtis, I know your intentions are good, but now is really, really not the time to go chasing her.  He catches up to her but she shouts at him not to touch her.  Curtis keeps his distance, and tells her that “Whatever I said or did, that’s not me.”

“I know,” Alisha admits, tears streaming down her face.  “It’s me.”  She says that it used to be nice, guys wanting to have sex with her.  Now it’s terrible, because she doesn’t know if they really want to be with her or if it’s just the fervor.  Curtis tells Alisha that guys still want to have sex with her.  Alisha retorts that he didn’t, but Curtis says, no, he did, just not like that.  “You don’t need to use your power on me.  I’m already there.”  He reassures her that it’ll be all right, that they’ll work something out.

Sally pulls up to a police station and a guy, who must be Pete, gets into her car.  Ahahaha, she’s in front of a station with a trunk full of bodies, this is awesome.  Pete informs Sally that they think Tony is alive because he booked a one-way flight to Spain in his name the night before.  Sally refuses to believe him; certain that “it’s them” (the misfits).  Pete tells her that it’s hard, but she has to accept that Tony might have left her.  The key to living in Misfits land seems to be that you should be paranoid all of the time, because then you’ll probably be right.

The next morning the misfits hide in wait for Sally behind dumpsters facing the parking lot.  Sally pulls up, still having not discovered the bodies.  But then she notices the smell, looks in the trunk, and screams.  Her discovery and their imminent capture freaks out Curtis enough that he rewinds time to just before Sally arrives.

With moments to spare Curtis tells them what just happened.  Nathan hisses at everyone to get the bodies, runs out into the parking lot, grabs a cinderblock, and tosses it into Sally’s windshield.  BAHAHAHA, glorious.  Sally gapes at Nathan, who says, “It’s just pure, mindless vandalism.”  Sally’s furious, asking him what is wrong with him and if he’s mentally deficient.  Nathan replies, “If I was mentally deficient, I would have missed.  Check that out: bull’s eye.”  Hahaha.  Nathan, you were late to the game, but now you’re definitely bringing it.

Sally marches Nathan off to her office, which gives the others the time to move the bodies and bury them under the foundations of the environmental center.  They stand and watch the workers pour cement over the burial site.  That timing was rather precise, don’t you think?  Ah, well.

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