Misfits S01E03

Simon emerges as the criminal leader again, saying that they need a car.  They’ll go out there at night, dig up the bodies, and transport them elsewhere.  Just then Kelly comes in wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap, saying she’d been at the doctor.  They fill her in, ending the conversation with multiple requests that she get them a car, but she’s in a mood and shuts them down.

Nathan rallies the troops: “We’re a bunch of young offenders and none of us knows how to steal a car?  That is pathetic.”  His words don’t have any effect; I’m sure the bra he’s sporting doesn’t help.

That night, Alisha’s borrowed her dad’s car, and they all gather to dig up the bodies.  They continue to argue over what to do with them: drop them in the lake, bury them somewhere else; Nathan’s idea is to “boil them in a bath of sulfuric acid, serial killer style.”  How cinematic.  Simon wants to store them at the community center until they figure out what else to do.  “Oh great, the community center!” Curtis exclaims, “Because they have a special room for storing rotting corpses.”  Hee.  Nice one, Curtis, you’ve really stepped up your bantering game this episode.

Nathan says they can use the disused storeroom at the community center, he’s got a key.  Kelly asks why he’s got a key, and Nathan is forced to admit that he’s living at the community center.  That revelation is treated with the anticlimax it deserves.  I love how the show just doesn’t bother with some things: doesn’t explain the storm, has no one care about Nathan’s living situation, etc.  It just sticks to the fun things that matter.  Like petty violence and dirty jokes.

As they’re digging, Simon finds Tony’s wallet and pockets the credit card.  Nathan asks after Kelly: “You haven’t punched me in a few hours, I’m worried about you.”  Aww, coming from Nathan that’s actually kind of sweet.  Kelly insists she’s fine, and turns the conversation around, asking why Nathan’s living in the community center.  He balks, and as he walks away she overhears him thinking he’s never getting a shag now that he’s a homeless.  “Oh, shit, she can hear that, when are you going to learn?!” Nathan thinks as he flees.  That gets a smirk from Kelly.

The misfits haul the bodies down the hallway in the community center as Nathan unlocks the door to the storeroom.  Those already smell; isn’t it going to be obvious that there is something dead and rotting in there?  That tends to draw attention.  On their way in Nathan grabs for Kelly’s hat: “I like your cap.” He pulls it off, but her hair comes with it.  A mortified, bald Kelly runs off.  As Nathan stands there with wig in one hand and hat in the other, Simon asks if he knew she was bald.

“Of course not!  Twat!”  Nathan snaps.  He actually seems to feel bad.  Aw, little Nathan’s growing up right before our eyes.  He even goes off to find her and return the wig, but not before snickering a bit with the others about how Kelly looks like a bald alien.  That leaves Curtis and Alisha alone with Simon, but she shoos him away: “Can’t you see we’re trying to have an awkward conversation?  Move!  Go!”  I am starting to understand why Simon has such social interaction problems.

The all-important conversation doesn’t last long; Alisha opens with “The sex wasn’t that bad, was it?”  Curtis just stares at her, more disappointed than anything now: “You don’t get it, do you?” He leaves, with Alisha shouting after him, “There’s nothing wrong with me!  You’re the one with a problem!”

Nathan finds Kelly out by the river and returns her wig and cap.  She makes him toss it down to her while he has his eyes closed so that he won’t see her, and she threatens to beat him up if he laughs at her.  For Nathan, he’s actually somewhat mature; he doesn’t make too much fun of her and he offers to walk her home.  I can see why Nathan’s drawn to Kelly: she’s straightforward, non-judgmental, tough, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  I don’t really care if they hook up or not, but I like their friendship.

Simon uses Tony’s credit card to do something on the computer.  I don’t think he’s using it for a shopping spree, but we don’t find out exactly what he’s doing, either.

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