Misfits S01E03

As soon as they finish and Alisha lets go of Curtis he bursts out of the stall: “Oh, man, that is wrong!”  Alisha keeps following the sleazeball handbook, throwing out lines like, “Trust me, you enjoyed it,” and “You kept telling me how much you wanted me.”  Curtis wins the episode again by standing up to her and against entitled horrible jerks everywhere:

Curtis: “When I want to tell you something, I’ll tell you myself.  You don’t know what I’m feeling.”
Alisha: “Yeah, well, I see how you look at me.”
Curtis: “Yeah? I won’t be looking at you anymore.”
Alisha: “Yes, you will!”
Curtis: “You think because you’re beautiful you can treat people any way you want?”
Alisha: “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it works, haven’t you figured that out yet?”
Curtis: “You’re so messed up and you don’t even know it.”

After Curtis storms out Alisha comes out of the locker room, wiping a tear from her eye.  Cute Charity Worker comes by and asks her if she’s all right.  No, not Cute Charity Worker, Alisha!

Later in the locker room Simon suddenly appears right next to Curtis, as Nathan and Kelly look on.  Simon confirms that he’s been there the whole time.  He stares down Curtis, all weird, intense, and knowing, as he informs Nathan and Kelly that nothing happened all day long.

At her place, Alisha kicks a bewildered Cute Charity Worker out of her bedroom after the act.  He seems more happy than anything, if a bit confused, asking her if they had sex (he seems happy about that part), because he doesn’t remember (hence the confusion).  Alisha is not taking their liaison as well; she just gives him an empty stare as she tells him to leave.

Simon’s at his computer, ranting to Shy Girl about how “they treat me like I’m nobody.”  This time we see it’s definitely Sally on the other end.  She tells Simon that “they don’t know you like I do,” and informs him that she had a boyfriend, but not anymore.  When she closes her laptop we see a picture of her and Tony as her desktop background, not that anyone really needed the confirmation.

The next morning Kelly’s washing her hair, but something prompts her to yell for her mother.  Simon’s walking to the community center when he sees a construction/excavation crew under the overpass.  Alisha brusquely brushes off Cute charity worker as she comes in.  Sally parks her car beside Simon and gets out, complimenting him on his attire: “Nice shirt, that color really suits you.”  Simon just replies “blue,” but I still refuse to find anything he does either cute or funny until he redeems himself.

Nathan glares at a wine bottle, scrunching his face in Hiro-Nakamura-aneurism levels of concentration.  But it’s fruitless; mind bullets are not one of his powers.  “I think he’s going to shit himself,” Curtis comments.  Simon’s finally able to cut into the conversation, alerting the other boys that the bodies are going to be discovered.  The city’s building an environmental monitoring station under the overpass.  “They’re building a what?”  Nathan asks.  “That sounds made up.  Are we supposed to know what that is?”  Simon says that it’s a station to monitor the carbon dioxide emitted at the overpass, but the important thing is that, when they dig the structural foundations, they’ll find the bodies.

As the misfits are back sorting through the piles of clothing (and how much do I love the little, unmentioned touches like the fact that Nathan’s wearing a huge black bra over his orange jumpsuit), they argue over what to do.  Curtis wants to move the bodies, but Nathan thinks that’s a terrible idea: “Oh, whereas digging them up and wandering around with them, that’s a real low risk-strategy.”  Nathan, it is too cute for words that your everyday vocabulary includes “whereas.”  Nathan wants Curtis to turn back time and stop them from killing the probation worker, but that’s not happening either.

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