Misfits S01E03

Sally, trying to do her job (for once), attempts to get the girls to reconcile, but that’s clearly not going to happen.  Nathan, skating by the window with the ski goggles on and still in Bono impersonation mode, certainly doesn’t help.  Kelly overhears Jodi thinking that it’s pointless, they’re never going to be friends, and tries to extend her version of an olive branch, attempting a civil chat.

She asks about Jodi recently breaking up with her boyfriend, and shrugs: “I think you’re better off without him anyway.  He’s a rat face glue sniffer.”  Nathan better bring his A-game, because otherwise Kelly’s winning Quote of the Episode.  Also, Kelly and I are obviously meant to be friends because I would find her words an awesome consolation if some jerk dumped me.  Instead, it antagonizes Jodi.  Before too long the pair are scuffling again; it ends when Kelly head butts Jodi (hahaha, I’m sorry, I just can’t help but love how violent she is) and Sally leaps to stop them.

Jodi glares at Kelly and thinks “You see how it feels, bitch!” and we get a strange close up of Kelly’s arm, with focus on the hair.  Obviously there are powers involved but otherwise, that was weird.  Sally ushers Jodi out of the community center, while Jodi calls Kelly a “slut whore.”  Isn’t that an oxymoron, or are we returning to the roots of our language: the more negatives or matching descriptions we add, the greater it is?

Kelly’s reply is to toss a chair across the room after Jodi.  HAHAHA.  I wonder if there’s something to be said about violence and the video game generation.  Although I want to be, I’m not actually that violent, but I’m certainly amused by it.  “That went well,” Curtis offers.

Back in the locker room, Simon paws at the air as a fly buzzes around his head.  Impersonating my pets is not going to make me melt and forgive you for being gross, Creeper Duckling.

Outside Alisha’s wheedling Curtis for the story about his arrest; he’s been tight-lipped about it but she’s determined to get the details.  She does: Curtis says he was buying cocaine with his girlfriend, Sam.  He only had one wrap on him; she had the rest and was thus tried for the “intent to supply.”  It earned her six months in jail and, apparently, a breakup with Curtis.

Alisha’s sympathetic to the story but perks up at Curtis’ assertion that he’s not currently seeing anyone.  She looks at him through her lashes and they exchange a round of “What?” “You know what,” before Alisha propositions Curtis.  He’s having none of it, though; all she’s suggesting is that she touches him and they go for it.  Curtis has been really flirty with Alisha but clearly he wants something real, and doesn’t see fervor-induced sex as it.

“I could have you anytime I want,” Alisha purrs, which upsets Curtis.  While creepy rapist gender role reversal is certainly refreshing (I’m tired of violence against women in the media), that doesn’t make it any less squicky.  Alisha’s not put off, though, continuing as if she’s reading out of the entitled sexist jerk handbook, telling Curtis to stop being a dick (for refusing to have sex with her, although she thinks he wants it).  She goes for what she wants anyway, wrapping her fingers around Curtis’ wrist.  At that he nearly has it off with her on the picnic table in the middle of the square, but she pulls him into the locker room (where invisible Simon is still sitting around).

At least in this instance Simon’s not being that creepy; they told him to wait in the locker room all day, even if they’ve forgotten.  He could leave, but then what if he misses the threatening note person?  Simon wanders off and while it’s not clear if it’s just to another end of the locker room or out of the room entirely, at least he’s not there lurking in the stall with them.  I mean he’s being kind of gross but Alisha’s definitely overshadowing him for sleazeball of the scene.

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