Glee fans get a special treat – Ryan Murphy releases the infamous ‘Box Scene’

The Box Scene

At the same moment that BBC America was giving Doctor Who fans a look at the shows future with the very first artwork from the shows upcoming 7th Series, Glee fans were being treated to a bit of their shows past by Ryan Murphy (Creator and Show Runner).

Don’t know the story of the infamous (and yes, I mean infamous) Box Scene? Well let me tell you a little tale…

The Box Scene

Can you imagine seeing this photo then waiting 8 months to actually see what happened in the scene?

Last December, in promotional photos leading up to the shows 3rd Christmas episode – “Exatraordinary Merry Christmas,” fans were given a glimpse of a scene between one of the shows most popular couples, “Klaine” – Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) that took place in the McKinley halls, and featured Blaine giving Kurt what looked very much like a jewelry box. But when the show hit airwaves, the scene had been the victim of time constraints. And of course, you couldn’t cut the Stereotypical greedy-Jew storyline that involved the shows IT-Couple, “Finchel” – Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Oh no. Rachel’s endless bleating about just how great Finn’s gifts (and yes, that’s meant to be plural) to her must be, had to stay in. So the scene that came to be known as “The Box Scene” was cut, and fans were left to wonder what that ring was that Kurt was wearing during the group performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Little hints were gleaned from posts by Perez Hilton and TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, letting us know that the item inside was indeed a ring made of gum wrappers, and came with a promise from Blaine to always love Kurt. We were even promised that the scene would be featured on the Season 3 DVD/Blu-Ray release.

And then the features list for the DVD/Blu-Ray was released, and not a deleted scene was to be had.

When a signed copy of the script went up for auction, two fans formed The Box Scene on Tumblr, and rallied the troops to earn over $4k for the initial auction (the group later went on to earn over $14k that was donated to the charity behind the auction). The script was acquired and fans were able to see just what it was they were missing.

Then came yesterday. After having joined Twitter only the day before, Murphy took questions from fans and gave them a challenge. Get him to 500k Twitter followers, and he’d give world The Box Scene. Many fake accounts, and about 36 hours later – Murphy rewarded “Gleeks” a bit early. And The Box Scene was ours.

Watched it? Just once? Go back and watch it again, then you can continue.

Ok, ready?

It’s hard to see why that whole piece was cut, and so many other moments remained. It’s an adorable and important relationship moment between two of the favorite characters on the show – one that puts moments like Kurt’s reaction to Rachel’s question of “What would you say if Blaine proposed to you,” into perspective. Especially being able to consider the scene in hindsight, and with so many criticisms of Glee’s handling of these characters and their storyline – their lack of any real conversation for 12 episodes, a time period this episode falls into the middle of – one has to wonder if the creative team behind the show doesn’t regret the cut a little.

But let’s not get bogged down in all that old negativity. 8 months after the scene was cut, fans have it at last. It’s a glorious day to be a Klaine fan. And it can be considered a special little birthday gift for our very own, Caroline.