SDCC 2012 – Cult Panel Recap & Gallery – Friday, 13th July

One of the most complicated aspects of covering an event like Comic Con is trying to get coverage of all the great panels and other events that take place over the weekend when there’s only a few of you able to attend. So this year we’ve expanded our coverage by partnering with Geek Syndicate, a UK and US based site that covers Comics to Video Games, Film and TV. If it’s Geeky, they’re probably talking about it.

Our partner in crime for SDCC 2012 was Sharlene Mousfar (who also works for Accent as Media Liason), who I’m jealous to say actually got to attend the pilot screening and panel for Rockne O’Bannon’s (creator and writer of one of the best Science Fiction programs ever, Farscape) new project, Cult. The show features a show-within-a-show plotline, with fans who get so obsessed about their favorite program that disappearances and other suspicious behavior surrounds the cast and crew involved in making the program. Having been a part of a few crazy fandoms myself over the years, it’s not hard to believe in a world where fans take things one step too far in their obsessions. The project was originally due to air on the WB back when it actually existed, but was killed in the WB/UPN merger of 2005. But the show is back, with a cast that includes alums from The Vampire Diaries (Matt Davis), Psych (Jessica Lucas), Supernatural (Alona Tal) and Prison Break (Robert Knepper) and its due to hit the CW sometime in early 2013.

For a full video of the panel, as well as a gallery of photos, please check out the post for the event over at Geek Syndicate.