Misfits S01E01

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They all run for the back, but Nathan slides in a pool of blood.  So now you notice, it’s only been there in the hallway this whole time.  Plus, the bathroom.  The blood’s coming out of a locker, which they open to reveal Twitchy Gary.  There you are, silly!

Everyone understandably freaks out: Alisha’s crying, Nathan looks serious for practically the first time this episode, though he admits that, “I did wonder what had happened to him.”  Really, Nathan?  Not sure I believe it, after you wandered through that bloody bathroom earlier without batting an eyelid, but maybe you are just really not a morning person.

Nathan tries to get Curtis to turn back time and stop everything from happening, but Curtis can’t control his power either.  Curtis turns to Alisha to comfort her, taking her arm.  The second he touches her, though, all the veins pop out on his arm and he gets scary, begging her to have sex with him and starting to undo his pants.  Alisha wrenches free and Curtis recovers.  When Alisha tries to smack Curtis he grabs her arm, and starts over again with the creepy horny stuff.

Wow, that’s…really upsetting, actually.  I mean turning into a rage monster sucks, but at least you’re not really aware of what you’re doing.  Alisha’s “power” is infinitely worse; any superhero who has grandiosely gone on about their powers actually being a curse needs to shut up now, because that’s nothing compared to Alisha.  Even Rogue didn’t have it this bad.  I’m actually really worried for her, and hope that the show addresses the serious implications of what’s happened to her.

The misfits still require an explanation, but at least Simon’s figured it out: touch Alisha and turn into a lust monster, but that only lasts as long as the skin-to-skin contact does.  Alisha touches Simon on the neck to test his theory, and yup, it’s confirmed.  Seems like Simon has some interesting kinks: he wants to “piss on [Alisha’s] tits.”  Nathan calls him a sick bastard (whatever, Nathan, I bet you’ve done it), but they don’t really get a chance to react as Tony bursts through the glass door.

Kelly reveals herself as, if not as smart as Simon, still the resourceful one.  She slams Tony in the head with a paint can.  At first it seems like he’s dead (always double tap, people), but no, he grabs Kelly’s ankle.  She proceeds to use the other leg to smash his face in, yelling at him that she’s not a chav.  Well, he was trying to kill them.

“You killed our probation worker!” Alisha shrieks.  Curtis and Alisha want to call the police, which tells us that these two are the least accustomed of the group to a life of crime.  Kelly points out that the authorities will want the full story, and as it involves people gaining super powers she’s sure they’ll think the misfits are lying.  Who’s going to believe a probation worker killed one of his charges, rather than that the group of delinquents are the ones doing the murdering?

Simon says they should dispose of the bodies and even picks the location.  They sneak the bodies out under an overpass and bury them; “I’m pretty sure this breaches the terms of my ASBO,” Nathan says.  Kelly makes everyone swear to keep everything secret: the storm, their powers, what happened to Tony and Twitchy Gary.  Curtis groans that he shouldn’t even be here, but he agrees.  The gang’s all bonded now, even if it’s over a terrible secret.

They all start to discuss their powers, and Nathan throws a hissy fit over being the only one left out.  He’s particularly angry that “weird kid” has superpowers and he doesn’t.  Simon says that they just must not have discovered his powers, which leads Nathan to speculate on the possibilities.  “Maybe I can’t feel pain!”  Kelly smacks him in the face.  Nope, not that.  Kelly, please be my friend, you’re awesome.

That night they all work to come to terms with what’s happened.  Kelly stares into the mirror, wiping off her makeup, while Nathan gazes in on his mom smiling with her boyfriend Jeremy.  Simon stands, a tiny smile curling the corners of his lips, in the middle of a group of friends at a pub.  We see his lack of reflection in a mirror.  Aww, Duckling, you can come and hang out with me and my friends.  Curtis watches old recordings of himself running in competitions, rewinding his victory moment over and over.  Alisha takes off her jewelry, just barely holding it together.

Next morning they all return to the scene of the crime.  Though I guess it’s more suspicious if they don’t show up.  Nathan makes sure they have their story straight: nothing happened yesterday, “it’s just a completely normal day.”  Somehow, Nathan, I think you’re going to be the one who has a problem keeping his mouth shut.

A woman’s on the phone, watching everyone filter into the community center.  She says there’s nothing here, it’s like he’s just disappeared.  The replacement probation worker?  That was fast.  Suspiciously fast, actually, and she sounds really upset over a co-worker that’s not even been gone for 24 hours.  I have a bad feeling about this.

The new probation worker lines up the misfits and asks after Tony and Gary, if they’ve seen anything unusual.  Nathan raises his hand.  My bad feeling just got worse.  He spins a story about walking in on Gary and Tony in flagrante in the toilets.  I can just imagine a wee Nathan getting kicked out of his school’s yearly pantomime because, although he was brilliant at it, he couldn’t manage to do it without including a few lewd gestures.  New probation worker really doesn’t appreciate Nathan’s detailed story telling style, and stomps off without a word.  Yup, she’s definitely Tony’s lady friend.

Nathan thinks they got away with it, so he turns his thoughts to his power again.  Simon says maybe he can fly, and oh, Simon, was that an innocent suggestion or do you have a secret wicked streak?  I honestly can’t tell, though I’d believe it the latter if it were anyone else, as Nathan jumps off a table to test the theory.  At least he didn’t try jumping off the roof.

The Misfits stand on the roof, pondering what this all means.  Are they stuck forever?  Are they superheroes?  Are other people all over town similarly affected, or will everything go back to normal?  Nathan predicts that next week, things will be back to “the same old boring shit.”  Sorry, Nathan, I’m thinking not, and while I’m sure it’ll suck for you it’ll be great for us.

Well, that was awesome.  I’ll admit that when it wasn’t being hilarious Misfits was maybe a bit heavy-handed.  All of their powers relate to their personalities: the invisible shy kid (didn’t Buffy do that over a decade ago?), the guy with a ruined career who’s desperate to turn back time, the girl struggling against outside perceptions of her able to hear the thoughts people have about her, the girl defined by her looks unable to touch without being assaulted.

On the other hand, it’s interesting that their powers might just be facets of their personalities: Misfits is a show about people, not superpowers.  The stories aren’t driven by mythology, but by the characters.  Although I love some good show mythology I’ll take strong character development over that any day, so I’m optimistic about where the show is going.  Honestly, as long as Nathan keeps being a riot and Kelly keeps smacking people, I’m happy.

Nathan quote of the week: Nathan says so many wonderful things it’s impossible to keep up or transcribe them all, but each episode’s winners will get a special spot here.  This week’s was chosen because it’s my husband’s favorite Misfits line of all time, and he still goes around quoting it: “I had a strange tingling sensation in my anus…doesn’t anyone want to hear about my anus?”

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