Misfits S01E01

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The misfits gather outside the community center (Nathan had to sneak out through a back window), where they’re arguing over who graffiti’d the wall in huge red letters that read “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU.”  Is turning into a homicidal raging beast-man a superpower?  Because that’s what Tony’s got.  Sorry, bro, that’s a crap superpower.

In behavior that probably would be considered paranoid if he wasn’t living in a science fiction show, Simon correctly predicts that someone’s trying to kill them.  Everyone else laughs him off.  Back in the locker room Simon finds Twitchy Gary’s blood-soaked baseball cap, but no one’s even looking at him.  Simon’s head spasms, flickers in and out of sight, and he falls to the ground.  He gets up and asks what happened to him, but despite his shouts no one even turns in his direction.

Poor invisible duckling.  I’ve never heard of invisibility including muting as part of the package, but it makes sense and makes lurking easier.  Duckling Simon, please don’t turn out to actually be a pervert.

The ominous music starts up again as Tony renews his habit of watching the kids walk out of the community center.  He’s emanating ragey-vibes, all hunched shoulders and growling noises.  Outside, everyone’s scrubbing the graffiti, except Alisha, who’s sunbathing in a bikini top instead.

She and Curtis resume their flirting from yesterday.  She refuses to help work because she says more will just replace it tomorrow, and the people who assign them stupid jobs can “suck my dick.”  That gets Curtis’ interest (in sucking her dick?), and she tells him to go ahead and ogle her boobs.  These kids really do need adult supervision.  Too bad their probation worker’s gone magically insane.

Kelly overhears that Nathan’s homeless, and she asks if anyone else felt weird after the storm.  Nathan: “Yeah, I had a strange tingling sensation in my anus.”  As there’s no real way to reply to that everyone ignores the remark, and Kelly overhears Simon wondering if he should tell her about what happened to him.  She asks him about it, but he can’t quite get the guts to say anything.  To quote Merida from Brave: oh, the wee lamb.

Nathan starts thinking about shagging Kelly, so she shoves him and storms off.  Violent tendencies: a girl after my own heart.  What, I’m tiny and thus Napoleonic.  Me, I’m an ankle kicker, myself.  Clearly Kelly and I would be good friends.

She runs into Tony on her way out, who confronts her for leaving.  She tries to keep going but he grabs her, his body language increasingly dangerous.  He calls her scum, and a bitch, his hands tightening on her arm.  She head butts him (hooray! Though actually I think that just made things worse) and runs off.

And yeah, now Tony’s writhing around on the ground, yelling, like he’s having a seizure.  He’s just around the corner from the others: wouldn’t they hear what’s going on?  Well, that’s actually a nice, subtle way to show how apathetic most of these characters are.  When Tony stands up we see his eyes have gone all cloudy; seems like the Beast is here to stay.  He rips off a piece of the metal railing above him: looks like he got some super strength, too.  At least one of his powers is decent.  Not that that’s much consolation to him.

Inside the community center Nathan and Curtis are playing foosball as Nathan laments that they don’t have an equal guy-girl ratio.  Three guys, two girls, sorry weird kid, you’ve drawn the short straw.  Simon’s unfazed and in fact continues to emerge as the brains of the group as his only protest is that actually, there were four guys.  Guess no one else is worried about Twitchy Gary.  Can’t say I am, either, and I even know that everyone else should be.

Nathan continues with his plan to divide up the girls.  He’s uninterested in Alisha (though Curtis clearly is: he says she’s beautiful), because she seems too high maintenance.  The other one (“Kelly,” Simon supplies): a couple of Bacardi Breezers, she’d be willing to go.  Ugh.  I’m no longer in danger of bringing Nathan home like he’s a stray cat.

“The girls, do they have any say in this?” Curtis asks.  THANK YOU, Curtis.  You win the episode.  Nathan tries to spit-shake with Curtis on a deal of who gets which girl, and man, now I want to watch Newsies again.  Simon pulls another one of his adorable offended faces at Nathan, as Curtis refuses the “deal.”

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