Misfits S01E01

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Storm clouds gather above as Tony comes to give the kids crap for the paint can Twitchy Gary kicked into the river when he stormed off.  Tony’s just gathering steam when a giant piece of hail the size of like, a boulder, totally decimates the car right behind him.

Rather than running for cover like any sane person would, everyone stands around instead, and only some of them seem to be doing so in shock.  Nathan snickers that the hail smashed Tony’s car, and Simon pulls out his cell phone to record what’s going on.  Another giant piece of hail crashes into the water in front of everyone.  Get inside, idiots!  Though really, is there anywhere safe to go when boulders of ice are falling from the sky?  At least outside you can see where they are falling.  Get into a subway tunnel, idiots!

After like the fifth boulder Tony finally starts to corral the children inside, and they all start running for cover.  Man, the screencaps of their freaked and running faces are perfection.  The community center is locked, and as Tony fumbles for the key they’re all struck with a huge bolt of lightning.  The T.V. gods, in their great wisdom, gift us with more hilarious slow-mo of everyone reeling from the impact.

Just like that the storm is over.  Nathan asks Tony for some reassurance that they’re all right (I’m sensing some possible parent issues, here), and Tony calls him a wanker.  Hah, awesome.  As they’re getting ready to leave Kelly overhears Alisha criticizing her grooming habits, but her voice sounds all echoy and Alisha denies saying anything.  We’ve got our first power: mind-reading.

Tony watches them all leave, but he looks a little off.  He’s even convulsing a bit.  He heads into the bathroom, where we see Twitchy Gary’s been toking up this whole time.  There’s ominous music, Twitchy Gary, run!  An axe smashes into the stall door inches from Twitchy Gary’s face.  Holy crap!

Kelly’s powers apparently extend to animals, because she gets some unsavory information about where her dog’s tongue has been while he licks her face.  This does not deter her from making out with her fiance.  Hey, whatever works for you.

But then she stops and tries to tell him that she feels like she’s going crazy, like she’s hearing voices in her head.  Her fiance’s not paying attention, too focused on her boobs.  Well, this guy’s a jerk, I doubt this engagement is going to last long.  Kelly kind of puts up with it until she overhears him wonder if she’s screwing around, to which she punches him in the nose.  Bahaha, Kelly, you’re awesome.

Nathan tries to go home, but apparently his mom’s changed the locks to the house.  Passive aggressive, much?  She says she needs to give her relationship with some guy called Jeremy a chance, and that can’t happen if Nathan’s around.  I buy that, but still, harsh.  Starting to see how Nathan turned out the way he is.

The next morning Nathan’s sleeping in the community center.  Uh oh, guys, I feel my mothering instincts kicking in again.  Don’t let me bring any foul-mouthed floppy-haired hilarious homeless Irish guys home.  Even though he thinks that every word that comes out of Nathan’s mouth is magical, my husband still might not appreciate it very much.  He’s already concerned about the looks I’ve been giving the feral cats that wander through the backyard sometimes.

Nathan stumbles into the bathroom to pee, and he either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care that the stall door is hacked to bits and the walls and floor are covered in blood.  Given who we’re talking about, I’m going with doesn’t really care.

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