SDCC 2012 – Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel Recap & Gallery – Thursday, 12th July

Entire Panel

Stan Lee brought along some faces of his new YouTube Channel, Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes, to introduce the channel and give a taster of some of the programming to be expected.

Adrienne Curry

Curry came cosplaying “Rapture Jesus”

The panel was moderated by Jace Hall (The Jace Hall Show), and included panelists Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Adrienne Curry (America’s Next Top Model) – who came as Rapture Jesus, Peter David (Writer and Creator of Headcases), America Young (Co Creator & Producer of Geek Therapy), Bonnie Burton (Writer of Star Wars Craft Book)

  • Stan Lee’s World of Heroes (and make sure you don’t drop the “Stan Lee” bit, he’s pretty adamant that be in there) is to be a means for Stan Lee to connect with fans.
  • Lee thinks they’re doing something so amazing, they shouldn’t have to pay taxes. I’d argue that Comics, etc. could be a religion. Let’s go with it.
  • Hamill is doing a Podcast where he’ll sit down for a more leisurely and frank discussion with notable Pop Culture personalities such as Kevin Smith. He’s still looking for titles for his show on the channel. So if you have any ideas, tweet him.
  • Hamill would like his Batman: The Animated Series swan song to be “The Killing Joke.” Hoping that Alan Moore wouldn’t be quite so openly hostile towards it if they do a word for word adaptation.
  • Hall will be the judge on Fan Wars, where fans can argue their case in a fandom court room in debates about who is the best superhero, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, etc.
  • Curry will present Super Fans, an attempt to bring reality television to a world she is familiar with – fandom. The show will focus on the Super Fans – those who become obsessed with one specific fandom and craft their entire lives around it. Whether it be their Star Trek themed apartment, or actual surgery to make themselves look like the character they love.
  • She got to visit Rancho Obi-Wan and touched the helmet Darth Vader wore in Star Wars: Episode V -The Empire Strikes Back, and then licked her finger so it would forever be inside her.
  • Young presents Geek Therapy.
  • Burton will be the presenter on Geek DIY, and was actually crafting on stage while a sizzle reel was showing. No need to really explain what that show is about, is there?
  • Peter David just finished writing the script for his contribution to the Channel, Headcases – a show that sounds so ridiculously close to British ITV’s No Heroics I’m surprised they haven’t been sued for copyright infringement yet, but expect it to be forthcoming.
  • Some other shows on the channel include: Cocktails with Sam, With Great Power, Mask & Cape, The Academy of Heroes, Bad Days
  • Hamill talked about how he didn’t actually expect to get the role of The Joker in the Batman animations, considering he’d played the goody two shoes Luke Skywalker, and so was surprised when he landed the part.
  • Stan Lee

    Stan Lee demonstrates Thor’s Hammer throwing technique

    Lee would most like to see The Black Panther on screen, followed by Doctor Strange. Burton then joked that she wanted to see Deadpool turned into a Romantic Comedy.

  • Hamill’s favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series include “The Return of the Joker,” but liked that the direct to DVD films allowed them to go a little darker, and have a higher body count.
  • Stan Lee wraps up the panel with a rant about Superman. Re: Superman’s outstretched arm when he flies, with no visible means of propulsion. Being more “realistic” of course, Lee himself had Thor throw his hammer, attached at the wrist by a leather thong, so that he had a clear means of visible of propulsion.

Photo Credit: Matt Wheeler


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