The Inbetweeners film finally gets a US trailer & release date

Inbetweeners Film PostedIt’s been out in the UK for nearly a year, but The Inbetweeners film is finally set to hit US screens on 7th September, 2012. And we’ve got a trailer too!

The British answer to AMERICAN PIE, THE INBETWEENERS is a racy comedy about four uncool friends (Will, Jay, Simon and Neil) who go on their first vacation to Greece in search of high times and wild sex – with no parents, no teachers, no money, and little to no chance with the ladies.

THE INBETWEENERS was the UK box office smash of 2011, spending four weeks as the UK’s #1 film. The film broke several records, including the biggest opening week ever for a live action comedy at the UK box office. It went on to see its final British box office total over $70 million, and nearly $100 million worldwide.