New details emerge about The Doctor’s new Companion

Some juicy new details have started to emerge from the set of Doctor Who, where Jenna-Louise Coleman has recently taken on the mantle of The Doctor’s Companion after Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) made their exit from the show (their final episodes are due to air on the BBC and BBC America in the fall). There’s been few details so far, Steven Moffat’s (Show Runner, Executive Producer) original interviews where he told us that she would be exciting and different to any companion we’ve seen before. That she would make her debut in the 2012 Christmas Special. And lastly the reports from filming that revealed her name to be “Clara” (fans on set heard The Doctor refer to her as such), and the pictures that were released showing her wearing 21st century clothing – which seemed to throw a wrench in the speculation that she would be an alien.

However, a few more details have surfaced from a BBC Radio 5 interview that Moffat recently did, and has not yet broadcast. But thanks to the folks at Doctor Who TV, we have the info already.

  • The new companion will, again, be a human from contemporary earth. This is necessary for audience identification and a ‘jumping on’ point for new viewers – Both Moffat and his predecessor, Russel T. Davies, have repeatedly said that a companion from the present was necessary to anchor the show to the present, and for audiences to identify with the characters. This didn’t stop rampant speculation after Moffat’s original comments about how she’d be someone we’d never seen before. Most seemed to think this meant she at the very least had to be an alien, and many hoped it meant she would be a Time Lady – though this wouldn’t have been completely original as The Fourth Doctor traveled with Romana, a Time Lady.
  • How the companion gets where she is and what that means for the character is what will make her utterly different and fascinating. – Have to wonder here if it means her literal location, or a more figurative emotional or mental reference.
  • The new companion will not have any links to any previous characters – So that puts an end to the wild speculation of the last few weeks that she would be the daughter of Rose Tyler and the half human second Doctor that was created from Donna’s metacrisis.
  • Her ‘journey’ will be shocking and intriguing. The Doctor has never met anyone quite like her before
  • Her very presence in the TARDIS will change the Doctor and there’s something different about her that will have a knock-on effect for the Doctor/companion dynamic

It leaves a lot to speculate about in the coming months while we wait rather impatiently for Jenna-Louise’s debut.