Sherlock, S1 Ep3 – The Great Game

Back at the museum, Sherlock tells the bomber that the painting’s a fake and obviously that’s the solution to the puzzle, haha, everybody can go home now, but the bomber wants him to figure out how it was faked.  The caller is a kid, and he starts counting down from ten.  Sherlock figures out  (at one) that the Van Buren supernova hadn’t appeared in the sky when the painting was done, but this version has it.

John Watson has never been so aroused in his life.

After a lot of discussion about how the painting was faked, they come down to brass tacks and the museum lady says the person who helped her get the fake is named Moriarty.  DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Watson goes to the train tracks after Mycroft nags him, only to discover that there isn’t an appropriate amount of brain and guts on the tracks, indicating the guy didn’t jump, and probably didn’t actually get on the train in the first place.  Watson figures it out just as Sherlock, who’s been following him the entire case, pops up behind him.  Sherlock’s figured out what happened, of course:  Joe, the shady-looking brother of train track guy’s fiancée, is a drug dealer and stole the memory stick from train track guy to sell for drug money.  Train track guy got mad at him and they fought, he pushed him down the stairs, and he threw the body on top of the train that runs right by their apartments.  The body fell off the train where it did because the train curves at that particular point.  BOOM.  SOLVED.

But the bomber still hasn’t called, so Sherlock passes his time by watching one of those talk shows where they find out who the father is while John writes in his blog.  He leaves for Sarah’s, secure in the knowledge that Sherlock’s dropped off the memory stick with Mycroft which, of course, he hasn’t.  He lets the bomber know that he has the memory stick and asks to meet at the pool where the bomber originally killed the kid with the shoes, back in 1989.  Sherlock goes to the pool and meets…

John!  In a parka!  Made up to look like he’s the bomber!  But he’s not, of course.  The threatening red dots of doom show up on John’s bomb vest to let us know what’s up.  The real bomber is…

Jim!  The gay guy who was dating Molly!  Who is about ten years too young to have killed a high school kid in 1989!  Calm voice calm voice LOUD CRAZY VOICE.  There’s a lot of evil villain blah blah, Moriarty wants to save killing Sherlock for a rainy day, more sniper dots, and Moriarty knows where Sherlock’s weak spot is (hint: he’s in the corner, wearing an elderly man’s sweater and sighing meaningfully).  After making his point, Moriarty wanders off (Sherlock says “Catch you later” and Moriarty’s disembodied voice hilariously replies “No you won’t!”), and Sherlock gets John out of the bomb vest in a flood of gay jokes.


Moriarty’s changed his mind, and he’s back with about fifty more red sniper dots.



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