Sherlock, S1 Ep3 – The Great Game

New message, no pips?  The accompanying photo is of a talk show host, whom John recognizes because he and Mrs. Hudson have tea and watch their shows together.  The latest caller is an old blind woman to make us all feel very bad, who’s apparently getting her info through an ear bud rather than reading it from a beeper or whatever the other callers were using.  There’s a shot of her with the red sniper dot to be super threatening, but it’s not like she can tell, can she?  The talk show lady is dead, and Sherlock has to solve the murder that doesn’t really look like a murder because she died from a rusty nail.  Except the wound is clean.  TOO CLEAN.  In the talk show host’s black-and-white house, a hairless cat crawls all over John’s lap while the talk show host’s brother and the housekeeper, Raoul, tell him about the talk show host.  John thinks the cat was the vehicle for the bacteria, but Sherlock’s been looking on fansites which, he says, are indispensable for gossip.  Truer words were never spoken.  Apparently the talk show host and her brother have been fighting for years, she finally disinherited him, and Raoul the housekeeper got fed up and killed her through botox injections.  BOOM. SOLVED.  Old lady saved.

No, go ahead. Keep texting while I'm trying to make you feel guilty. It's fine. I'll just throw out one of each pair of your socks later.

But the old lady wants to chat about that nice young boy, as old ladies sometimes do, and she tells Sherlock how soft the bomber’s voice was.  Old lady, not so smart, not so saved.  Sherlock realizes that the bomber is probably some kind of a hitman, and is leading Sherlock to the people he’s helped to hit.  John, for some reason, still does not understand that Sherlock doesn’t really care about the lives at stake, and throws a fit about all these pesky humans.  A new message comes through, but John’s really pissed this time and won’t help, just stands there smiling passive-aggressively.  I didn’t know people could do that until Martin Freeman proved me wrong.

A dead body’s washed up.  Also, the Vermeer painting that’s been all over the news because it was lost and then found again (it was conspicuously on the television just before John saw that 221b had been blown up) is a fake.  And it all has to do with the Golem.  The killer, not the Jewish folk thing.  Sherlock leads them through the whole scenario:  the corpse is a museum guard (flabby butt, ticket stubs in his pocket, uniform with insignia cut out, varicose veins and worn shoes), the way he was killed is a Golem trademark, why would anyone kill an ordinary museum guard, the newly-found Vermeer painting is going to be re-revealed that evening, he must have been killed because he knew something about the painting, therefore ergo etc. the Vermeer must be a fake.

Sherlock goes off to investigate on his own and John goes to see about the museum guard’s place, where the landlord lets him listen to a message from someone named Professor Cans, who told the museum guard he was right.  Sherlock, wearing a very spiffy official uniform looking hat, tells one of the museum people the picture is a fake, then wanders off.  There’s no real need for the disguise, so I’m forced to believe he must have just tried it on for fun.  I would have.

John has the fun task of talking to the fiancée of the dead guy from the train tracks, the one Mycroft is concerned about.  John listens to her sad story and then encounters her really shady-looking brother, Joe.  Everybody on this show sounds like they have a cold, which they probably do because from what I’ve heard the filming was done when it was really, really miserable out.  Earlier, Sherlock gave a message to a homeless woman (the homeless are his “eyes and ears all over the city“), who shows up somewhere else and gives him another message:  Vauxhall Arches.  They go to Vauxhall Arches and almost find who they’re looking for (the Golem), but he runs off to kill the professor who called the museum guard.  The Golem attempts, at various points, to kill the professor, Sherlock, and John, all while an old ’50s film about astronomy plays.  They shoot at him, but he gets away.

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