Castle, S4 Ep22 – Undead Again


And the all-important Castle/Beckett developments: first off, Martha makes her son realize that his womanizing behavior and side trip with Detective Jayne– I mean, Slaughter are ways of punishing Beckett. Martha tells him he needs to at least tell her why he’s doing this — that the two of them can’t continue like this. While at first that only pushes Castle to decide that this case will be his last, that’s not the end of it. One of the good things is the conversation that occurs after C & B leave Kyle’s hospital room. Kate wants to know if Rick believes Kyle, that he doesn’t remember what happened that night. Rick thinks about it for a moment. “When a life-altering event occurs,” he says finally, “people remember it.” And Kate gets it. She looks him steadily in the eye and replies, “Well, maybe it’s too big for him to deal with. Maybe he … can’t face it just yet.” Castle wants to know if “he” (by which he means “she”) will ever be ready, to which Beckett says she hopes so, if “he” feels safe.


The subtext here is rapidly becoming text.

Their conversation is resumed later, after Kyle tells them he wants to put all of this behind him. Castle remarks that it’s going to take therapy for Kyle to do that, and Beckett says that therapy does help — thereby admitting that she’s seeing a therapist to a surprised Castle. Kate says that after a lot of work, she’s almost where she wants to be. Rick asks carefully, “And where is that?” Kate replies, “In a place where I can finally accept everything that happened that day. Everything.” And Castle says he gets it! Yessss! Plus, Beckett adds that the wall she told him about a while back, the one around her heart, is coming down. Castle wants to be there when it does, he says, and she smiles and says she wants him there. And I beam. Oh, Castle and Beckett. Even when you guys have been stupid for so long, I do love you.

Favorite moments:

-In a conversation about the (apparent) end of their laser tag battle, Castle’s mom says about Alexis, “She’s growing up.” Castle retorts, “Well, she doesn’t have to — look at me!” Hee.

-Castle explains why he recognizes Kyle Jennings’s costume as circa 1870s: “I did a lot of research on the era. I was writing a book — a comedy about the Civil War. Turns out, not so funny.” To which Perlmutter replies, “You don’t say.”


Our heroes face down the monsters together.

-While the ‘zombie horde’ is at the precinct being interviewed, Castle says he doesn’t see the appeal of being a zombie. He’d much prefer being a vampire – “the romantic route to immortality. The gentleman’s monster, as it were.” If that’s not a shoutout to Nathan Fillion’s early role on Buffy, put a stake through my heart right now. I also love that, in answer to Castle’s question about what supernatural creature she would be, Beckett says she’d be Van Helsing. As Castle says, it’s only fitting that she’d be a “monster slayer.”

-A little throwaway moment: Ryan & Espo have been interviewing some of the ‘zombies’ at the precinct. One of them, a woman, is leaving, and Esposito remarks, “I don’t know about those shoes with that top. Just sayin’. I would’ve went (sic) open-toed.” Hee. I don’t always give a lot of love to the guys in my recaps, but I do love them too.

In summary, that was an enjoyable episode. I also have to say that the title of the next episode, which I believe is the season finale, makes my shipper heart very excited.

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