Castle, S4 Ep22 – Undead Again


It turns out, of course, that Kyle was never dead (or undead) in the first place. Instead, Perlmutter’s bloodwork finds that he was doped with scopalamine. It’s a drug used in small, controlled doses to treat motion sickness. In larger doses, it can act on the central nervous system to promote compliant and suggestible behavior. In other words, you’ll do whatever anyone tells you to do. It also causes memory loss — and sometimes death — and it’s known as the “zombie drug.” Ugh. If even most of that is actually true about that drug, that’s kind of terrifying.

So, while Kyle Jennings (who, without makeup, looks a bit like Ed Norton, by the way) is technically the killer, he has no memory of the event at all. He owns up to being involved in zombie-walking, but doesn’t even appear to recognize David’s picture. After they leave Kyle’s hospital room, a pivotal moment occurs between our duo that is going to go under the Castle/Beckett section. But what’s important here is that when coupled with the bloodwork results showing the scopalamine in Kyle’s system, it seems that Kyle is actually innocent of David’s murder. Whoever slipped him the zombie drug is the real murderer. They reinterview the drugged out ‘zombie’ from last night. He recognizes a picture of Tom as the guy who deals the zombie drug to any who might want it. Dun dun dun!

Zombie Castle

He can thrill you more than any ghoul could ever dare try.

But of course it’s not that easy. They have no real evidence to prove it was Tom who gave Kyle the scopalamine. And Tom the irritatingly smug pre-law student is sure they won’t even get enough evidence for probable cause during the 24 hours they’re allowed to hold him. This turns out to be true — but Beckett & Castle cook up a plan. They let him go, but tell him that Kyle’s out on bail, and that Kyle may have figured out that it was Tom who drugged him and ordered him to kill David. Tom is terrified that Kyle will seek revenge (though of course he insists he didn’t do it) and demands police protection. So Beckett tells Esposito to drive Tom to his apartment, but that’s as far as their protection will extend. Just as Esposito is pulling up outside the apartment, a zombiefied figure in Kyle’s costume, with a baseball bat, starts attacking them. Espo gets knocked to the ground. In a deep, creepy voice, the zombie says to Tom, “I know what you did to me.” Tom babbles that he’s sorry, that he needed to keep David from taking Greta away from him, and begs ‘Kyle’ not to hurt him. That’s when Espo gets up and tells Castle — for it is he under the makeup, naturally — that they have enough. Beckett shows up and cuffs Tom. A victory for the good guys.

Kyle is free to go; the DA is probably going to clear him of all charges, Beckett tells him at the precinct. He thanks them, and tells Castle he can keep the zombie costume. He wants to put all this behind him. That segues nicely into the final C/B conversation, which I’m putting in the appropriate section below.

Dad & daughter

I'm a sucker for dads & daughters.

On the Castle home front, Alexis is having trouble deciding between going to Stanford or Oxford — two of her top choices that also happen to be very far away from home — or going to Columbia or another more local university. Of course, her dad wants her to be close to home. Alexis points out that if she did decide to stay local, though, she’d be coming home all the time (at which point Castle’s face falls as she lists that as a disadvantage — awww), and she wants to challenge herself. They begin this discussion at the start of the episode, when Rick sneaks up on her while she’s sitting on the couch, to continue their epic game of laser tag which has been going on since Alexis was five. Okay, that’s adorable. I do love the relationship between the two of them. In a move that I can spot a mile away as a trick, Alexis tells her dad that she thinks “it’s time [for them] to holster the laser guns and be adults.” But then of course, later on in the episode, she awesomely descends on a rope from the second floor to blast Castle with her laser gun and continue the battle. I think no one in the universe is surprised when Alexis decides to go to Columbia after all — as long as her father promises to try not to drop in on her all the time and to give her space. They also decide to start a new epic game of laser tag. Aww, again.

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