Castle, S4 Ep21 – Headhunters


Sorry for my long absence! Lack of internet access has been frustrating, lately — but at least I’ve been able to stay caught up with the most important TV shows on my schedule (Castle and Fringe). Since it’s already so late, I’m just going to do a mini recap of this episode. I’ll get to the most recent ep as soon as I can!

First of all: previously on Castle, Beckett revealed to a suspect in interrogation — and therefore to Castle, who was watching from outside the room — that she remembers everything that happened after she got shot. Rick was upset and hurt that she hid this from him, and decided that this means she doesn’t love him. Because he’s an idiot. In response, though he doesn’t stop working with her, he does go back to his womanizing ways. Kate doesn’t know what she did wrong, though she’s smart enough to know she did something wrong and that she might have waited too long to make her move. That makes her slightly less of an idiot than Rick.


"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" (What, did you think I'd say anything else?)

This week, Beckett and her crew are getting ready for a trial, so they’re busy. Castle, after playing with a plastic dinosaur (!!) at home to try to kick-start his muse, sees a rough-edged detective very different from our own Beckett on TV and decides he wants to ride along with that guy for a while — just to try something new. This detective is in the Gangs unit, and he is played by none other than Mr. Adam “Jayne Cobb” Baldwin. And Browncoats across the world did explode from the squee.

Though Beckett and crew try to warn Castle that Detective Slaughter is not a good guy (his previous three partners have ended up dead), Castle is not deterred. He’s not deterred when Slaughter isn’t receptive to the idea of a writer ride-along, either. Eventually, after Castle gives Slaughter his “very fine coat” – which happens to be brown – and promises to use his connection with the mayor to his favor, Slaughter agrees.

The case of the week deals with a young man, son of one of the local gang leaders (the Westies), who was found dead under an overpass with a bag full of severed heads next to him. This guy, Glitch, was a screwup his whole life. It turns out he was trying to get back in with his gang with a crazy scheme involving the severed heads. The heads were all stolen from the graves of rival gang members — the Trench Town Posse, who are Jamaican. At first it looks like maybe the leader of a gang that’s new in town (Mexicans) manipulated the victim into pissing off the Jamaicans so that there will be a gang war between them and the Westies, leaving a power vacuum that the Mexicans can fill.

During a confrontation with the Mexican gang leader, Slaughter leads Castle into a highly dangerous situation that might easily have gotten very ugly if Ryan and Esposito hadn’t tracked Castle’s phone and shown up to save the day, guns blazing. They are highly unimpressed with Slaughter putting a civilian into so much danger, but Slaughter doesn’t seem to care.

The standoff

Slaughter's gonna get you slaughtered, dude.

Castle is not happy with the situation at this point, either. However, he’s enough in love with the idea of sticking with Slaughter as a way to branch out in getting ideas for his books that he sticks with him — until Slaughter coerces a false confession out of one of the Mexican gang members in order to implicate the leader. That’s when Castle returns to Beckett to acknowledge that she was right and ask for her help. And because she loooves him (and because she cares about things like justice and doing the right thing), she puts her career on the line to interfere in Slaughter’s case, to find the real guilty party.

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