Doctor Who Convention, Day 1 – Press Conference

Can you elaborate on the series 7 break or not break; 6 episodes this year and 8 next?
Moffat: Yeah.
Is it going to be a break at Christmas or is it just going to be continuous?
Moffat: Scheduling decisions are always up in the air. Anything I told you today would be contradicted tomorrow, as you know. Until the Radio Times is imminent it’s not true so I could not really, no. But I mean, it’s essentially that it’ll straddle Christmas; it’ll be 6 this year and 8 next year. Not a lot of elaboration, except it’ll be fantastic.
I don’t doubt it.
Moffat: Yes.

With An Accent: I know you won’t tell us much about the new companion, but can you at least tell us if she’s in costume in the publicity photo that was just released, or is that just publicity of her in front of the TARDIS?
Moffat: That’s her own clothes, yeah.

David Tennant this week said he’d be up for being in the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, have you got any plans to include past Doctors, past companions…
Moffat: I’m not telling you.
Moffat: Look at this face. Nothing from me. Just like a door being slammed, isn’t it? The face that says no.

Steven, have you ever been tempted to write yourself a cameo?
Moffat: No.
Gillan: C’mon that’s a great idea.
Smith: I would love that.
Darvill: I would absolutely love that.
Skinner: Doctor Who’s next monster, come on.
Moffat: I know where my talents end. Actually, I did once play a role in the background of an episode of Press Gang, a children’s show I used to do years ago. I hated it. I hated the people coming up fussing about with makeup. and then saying “No, you have to stand over there again,” and they did the shot again and again, and it was really boring. What I do is inflicting that on other people in as many uncomfortable and amusing ways as I can. I was a really terrible actor, so it’s not good. Good at reading stage directions, I can read those really fast.
Darvill: Yeah you can.
Gillan: You’re good at reading those.
Smith: It’s a feat.

In the next series are there any plans to do one of those sort of more light-hearted, slightly sillier episodes or are they all going to be more dramatic?
Skinner: ‘Cause Doctor Who is never silly.
Moffat: We’ve been avoiding that light-hearted silly strand? The man in the bow tie who lives in the phone box to save the universe? Um, there’s the full range we have really. We’ve got everything in the five you’re about to see, that we’ve mostly focused on at the moment, you’ve got everything from utter heart-breaking tragedy to knock about silly fun, and sometimes within minutes of each other. I don’t think Doctor Who is ever Doctor Who if it’s only one thing at a time. It has to just keep surprising you. I think the changes in tone are so fast in Doctor Who, and I like to think so sure footed, that that’s what defines it. So you’ll get everything. But if you’re laughing and saying “oh this is so silly” expect to be crying in five minutes. Isn’t life like that?

This is for the whole panel, If the TARDIS turned up right now and you got one trip where would you go?
Gillan: I’d go really far into the future and see how we’ve evolved.
Darvill: That’s a good one.
Moffat: And see if you liked it? “I don’t fancy any of them.”
Gillan: No, cause, you know, we might look different, and sort of developed a strange new feature or something.
Moffat: A new feature?
Darvill: Like massive thumbs?
Gillan: Yeah, massive thumbs because they’ve gotten really strong from texting.
Moffat: I think I’d just be really relieved that I’d never ever have to remember to record something on the telly ever again. Because your own time machine? Forget iPlayer, you could just see anything.
Darvill: I always say I’d go back to see the gig on the top of Apple studios to see the Beatles play. I should probably come up with a different answer, ‘cause I’ve said that a lot.
Smith: I’ve said the same one a lot as well, I’m trying to think . . .
Darvill:  I mean it is probably what I would do, but I’ve said it a lot.
Smith: I’d come with you.
Darvill: Yeah, we could do that together.
Moffat: Carol, you’ve never had to answer this one, have you?
Gillan: Oh yes, yay! What is it?
Skinner: November 23rd, 1963.
Gillan: Ooh, what happened?
Smith: And she is leaving.
Skinner: And you wonder why.

William Russel (who played one of The First Doctor’s companions, Ian Chesterton) is still going to conventions 50 years on, do you think you’ll still be going to Doctor Who conventions in 2060?
Darvill & Smith: I don’t know.
Smith: It depends on the state of my life at the time. Who knows, it’s like how long is a piece of string? But this is a good start, and Comic-Con. I enjoy them; I enjoy meeting everyone.
Skinner: We’ll go because Steven will be 100 then.
Moffat: I’ll be in a motorized urn.
Smith: You’ll be frozen, and still shouting at people.
Moffat: “And are you staying on for the next series Steven? (old man voice) Yes . . .”

And on that bombshell, the press conference was over.

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