Doctor Who Convention, Day 1 – Press Conference

Do you have any plans for any more spinoff shows?
Moffat: To occupy our many spare hours? I’m not against it, but spinoff shows happen because you think “that is so good we should spin that off.” But personally I’m relatively busy, I’m not looking for a third series actively, but you never know.
Sunday nights I’m sure you can find something.
Moffat: Yeah, you never know.

Is there anything you can share with us on series 7, any bits of news?
Moffat: Everybody else except you lot saw the trailer. Why don’t you ask anyone out there? “No we were in an empty room looking at some chairs.”
Skinner: Come see our next session and see the new trailer.
Moffat: See the new trailer, it’d be the best thing. You know the headlines: Amy and Rory are leaving; tragedy, heartbreak, and a western. What more do you want out of television?
Skinner: Daleks.
Moffat: And Daleks, yeah. C’mon Downton, take that on.
A crossover?
Moffat: Between Downton and Doctor Who?
Darvill: I’d love to see a Dalek, just . . .
Skinner: Just in the background for a shot.
Darvill: . . . and then just kill something.
Smith: And then Hugh (Bonneville, who played Henry Avery in the Series 6 episodes “The Curse of the Black Spot” and “A Good Man Goes To War”, star of Downton Abbey) can sort of turn into a pirate for a bit.
Moffat (doing a Bonneville impression): “I have maintained this facade long enough.”

We’ve seen a lot of fezzes and bowties are in the building today, what fashion crimes do you plan to inflict on the nation and small children next?
Moffat: Well do you know, now that I’ve realized I do have this power, I don’t know; turbans, anything. It could be anything.
Darvill: Unicorn horns.
Moffat: Unicorn horns. Clown noses. Giant clown shoes I think would be quite good. For girls. Comedy ears.
Smith: With the amount of chin gags I’m surprised people don’t start coming in with prosthetic chins.
Moffat: I always assumed you did. One more!

Question for Arthur; I saw a film with you a few months ago, Pelican Blood.
Moffat: Did you go together? Sorry.
Is that something you want to do again?
Darvill: Yeah, yeah definitely, I love films. I think It’s the closest thing to this actually, is doing films. I’d love to do some more kind of independent films.

Quick question for Karen, I heard you’re starring in a Scottish film called Not Another Happy Ending. How do you feel about going from starring in shows in Wales and England, and going back to Scotland and acting there?
Gillain: I think I’m really looking forward to it. It’s good stuffs being made up there that isn’t about like drug use or like fighting the English.
Moffat: Braveheart. It’s not too late, one more draft.
Gillan:. So yeah I’m really looking forward to it. In Glasgow it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be fun.

Can I just ask Matt how you feel about kind of moving on without these two if you are all such good buddies?
Smith: Well, things come to an end and I feel very excited for my friends to go on on to pastures new. I think the only thing that you can do with Doctor Who is go with change because otherwise it leaves you behind. So we embrace the future and we look forward to Jenna, but I will never forget my time with Karen and Arthur because it’s been very special. Without sounding too earnest.
Darvill: You always sound . . .
Smith: I’ve thought that a lot today.
Darvill: Yeah, you’ve been like (puts on a pretentious voice to make fun of Smith) “I’m just an actor, and um, it’s really hard actually.”
Smith: I will miss them, I really will because they make me laugh, and they’re silly, and I can take the piss out of them.
Darvill: I’ll be phoning you when I’m on the beach and you’re in Wales.
Gillan: Yeah, definitely.
Darvill: And I’ll be like “how’s life on Series . . . whatever you’re on at the moment.”

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