Doctor Who Convention, Day 1 – Press Conference

Matt, with the other two leaving, what are you going to miss most about them, and is there anything you won’t miss?
Smith: I don’t know, they’ve become two of my closest friends. First and foremost I’ll miss the creative relationship because it’s brilliant, we know how to press each others’ buttons. And as friends we get on really well so it’s hard to explain. Whenever one of us is bored on set we find one of the other two and irritate each other. To be comfortable enough to be to do that . . . it’s rare, isn’t it?
Darvill: Yeah.
Karen: Yeah.
Darvill: I’m slightly worried about going on to other things just in terms of the way we’ve been interacting with each other; we know how to kind of keep each other entertained. I think if we started doing that with people on other jobs they’d think we were mental.
: Am I the only one who enjoys using the microphone?
Darvill: I was gonna use it but I was worried about kind of getting too close.
Moffat: Are you worried about hitting that back wall, Matt? (The back wall was about 15 feet from the table they were sitting at.)

With An Accent: As you’ll still be filming in July, is a trip to San Diego Comic-Con in the works this year?
Skinner: There is definitely a trip to Comic-Con. We’re all really excited.
Moffat: We’re all going.
Gillan: Woohoo!

Real quick question for Arthur & Karen, do you think you’d be attracted to Sci-Fi again in the future, or is this it for you?
Gillan: I’d definitely love to do more Sci-Fi. It’s really fun.
Darvill: But having done the best one though, it’s kind of hard to know what it would be. I’d love to come back as a monster or something.
Gillan: Yeah, I wanna be an alien maybe.
Skinner: That can be arranged.
Gillan: Oh great.
Moffat: Just stick you in a Dalek.
Gillan: No one would ever know.
Moffat: The one that’s facing the wrong way.
Gillan: Can’t work it.

This is to Steven; you got asked earlier about pressures of creating content that might appeal to an American audience, but seeing as Doctor Who is now so based in Cardiff and it has such a Welsh identity to it, do you feel perhaps a little bit of pressure to include shots of Cardiff or elements in film in Cardiff?
Moffat: Look, we don’t have pressure to include shots of Cardiff, we film it here. There isn’t a lot of choice, just about every shot you see in Doctor Who has got an element of Cardiff in it, trust me.
Do you think there’d be a backlash if you didn’t do that?
Moffat: Backlash if we didn’t Cardiff it up?
If you were to say we’re moving to America now, we’re not going to film in Cardiff anymore?
Skinner: We never would. It’s a BBC Wales show.
Moffat: At the same time we’re not gratuitously including Cardiff, that would be patronizing. It’s a great place to film. There are fantastic locations here, and the people to work with are wonderful. So we like doing that, but there’s no pressure to make it a show largely set in Wales. It’s a show largely made in Wales. That’s a very different thing. But we love working in Wales very, very much.

Question for all of you, what have you thought about today?
Moffat: Brilliant.
Skinner: Loved it.
Gillan: Yeah, so much fun.
Darvill: Brilliant.
Smith: Brilliant. It’s a lot of fun. We’ve done a couple of these in America just because of things like Comic-Con and stuff, and I think it’s a shame we don’t get to do them in England in the same way. And just having met people and stuff, and people seem really enthused. I think that’s the point of it, when you get to meet the fans. We just showed the trailer there, and . . .
Skinner: Just seeing everybody’s reactions was just extraordinary. We all work so hard, and the days you get to hang out with the fans particularly here at the Millenium Centre which has just been really special it kinda really counts, you know, because you spend so much time shooting mad long hours.
Darvill: You do actually forget.
Skinner: You forget how much people love it.
Darvill: We’re just kind of there trying to make it the best that it can be, and then you step out at something like this and you see peoples reaction to it and it’s kind of odd to kind of see it from the other side, but brilliant to see the reactions that we’ve just seen.

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