Doctor Who Convention, Day 1 – Press Conference

Here’s a transcript of the Press Conference held on Day 1 of the Doctor Who Official Convention – with Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Steven Moffat (Lead Writer and Executive Producer), and Caroline Skinner (Executive Producer).

Smith: How long have you guys been sat in here? Did you just miss the trailer where we showed all the new stuff?
Press grumbles of yes, yes we did.
Panel: Oh no!
You’ll just have to act it out for us.

What’s the strangest thing a fan’s ever presented you with at a convention?
Gillan: A girl just got me to sign some underwear with TARDISes all over it.
Darvill: Yeah. I signed that as well.
Gillan: Which was quite strange.
Smith: I missed out on that.
Gillan: Did you? Ahh.
Moffat: Were there other signatures already on it?
Gillan: Just Arthur’s on the back and mine on the front.
Smith: Moving on . . .

Question for Steven. I’m from Huffington Post TV in the States. I was wondering if due to the popularity of Doctor Who in the States over the last couple years, it’s been building this incredible momentum, how much does that affect your choices of where to go with story lines and casting. Does it effect them at all?
Moffat: Not at all. Not one bit. I think Americans in particular would feel patronized if we did that. I would be appalled if, I don’t know, the makers of The West Wing or Breaking Bad decided to put in a British character to appeal to me. I think the American fans of the show want it to be what it is. And anyway, I wouldn’t even know how to make it appeal to a British audience, I just know how to make it appeal to me, right? So that’s what we do we make the show that appeals to us. And believe me if you’d just seen us watching that trailer you’d know how much it does appeals to us. Oh god do we love our show.

So Arthur & Karen, why are you leaving the series?
Darvill: Um . . .
Gillan: Well . . .
Darvill: Because it seems like the right time.
Gillan: Yeah.
Darvill: We’ve known for awhile. We all sat down with you guys (speaking to Moffat) about oh, I don’t know, a year and a half ago and it came out of a discussion. It was like, how long should we stay for?  And there’s nothing worse than out-staying your welcome. And, you know, we’ve had the most incredible time. It will be really sad.
Gillan: Yeah, and we’ve had a nice run of it as well.
Moffat: Longest running companions, of all the new series.
Gillan: So that’s cool.
Darvill: It’s a strange thing, it’ll be really sad when we leave. We did the read-through for the episode that we’re leaving on last night and it’s going to be an amazing piece of television, and we’re so kind of honored to be involved in it in the first place, and it just feels like the right time to go.

Are you please with your exit scenes then?
Gillan: Oh my god.
Darvill: Yeah.
Gillan: I am so pleased. I just hope that I can deliver it well.

When do you actually film the last scenes?
Darvill: I don’t know actually.
Gillan: I have no idea.
Darvill: We haven’t got the schedule yet.
Gillan: And it’s not done in chronological order either, so it might just be something really boring on green screen or something for our last scenes.
Moffat: That is the block we’re doing now. The block that contains Both Episode 1 and Episode 5.

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