Doctor Who, S2 Ep1 – New Earth

Hey Whovians. In this episode, we have cat nurses, zombie plague-bearers, body swapping and two returning characters from the previous season. Also, there is kissing. Let’s get to it!

The episode begins with Rose saying goodbye to Jackie and Mickey before getting in the TARDIS with The Doctor and taking off. They head to New Earth which is on a distant planet with amazing special effects. The Doctor and Rose talk about the ending of the previous Earth, which they joke about being their first date, and their conversation conveniently reminds the viewer of the episode The End of the World. While they talk, a spider-robot, that looks super familiar, is tracking Rose and talking about her being a pure human. Hey, that sounds a lot like the bitchy stretched skin named Lady Cassandra from that episode that Rose and The Doctor were just referencing. Oh look, it is!

doctor who cat nurse

"Excuse me, but I have to use the litter box."

The Doctor shows Rose that he has received a psychic message from someone in the nearby hospital so they decide to go there. When they get there, Rose does a double-take at the nurses which are cats. No really, they are. It’s creepy.

On the way to the ward, The Doctor and Rose become separated. The fun part of this scene was the disinfection in the elevators where both The Doctor and Rose are drenched. Hilarious. While The Doctor goes up to find his mysterious messenger, Rose ends up going down in the elevator to the basement.

Rose meets Chip, Cassandra’s clone manservant with a half-life. Chip leads Rose to Cassandra and they have a little stand-off which reveals that Chip has been keeping Cassandra alive via the hospital. Cassandra then tricks Rose into walking into a machine. The machine puts Cassandra’s consciousness into Rose’s body. This allows for Billie Piper to stretch her acting skills which is pretty fun to watch.

Meanwhile, upstairs, The Doctor is seeing a few patients. He notices the patients have life-ending, debilitating illnesses that are being miraculously cured by the sister cat people. He then gets to see the Face of Boe because he is also a patient there. The cat nurse that is sitting with the Face of Boe tells The Doctor that he usually sleeps but sometimes sings ancient songs. She also relays to The Doctor a legend that The Face of Boe will impart a final secret before he dies to a wanderer like himself.

The Doctor doesn’t get a chance to talk to The Face of Boe before Rose comes in, inhabited by Cassandra, and kisses him. The Doctor knows

doctor who kissing

Yeah girl, snog him!

something is up with Rose but is more concerned about the miraculous curing going on. Together, they find a lower level where humans have been grown and then inflicted with diseases to try and discover cures. The cat nurses have been growing people and killing them and The Doctor is pissed.

Rose/Cassandra sees an opportunity and knocks The Doctor unconscious and puts him in one of the green pods that house the infected humans. She tries to barter with the sister cats but they become aggressive with Rose/Cassandra and in order to save herself, she opens a few of the pods to create a distraction. Bad call, Rose/Cassandra, because all of the pods get opened.

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