Five Totally Awesome Things You Missed the First Time Around – Crime Dramas

Sherlock - Running Promo

3) Sherlock

Stats: Two seasons of three episodes each totaling six episodes.

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Andrew Scott, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey

Sherlock - Running Promo

The game is on!

Why you might have missed it: It’s on BBC1.

Summary: Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character, the series is a modern take on the titular detective. Sherlock, the world’s only consulting detective, meets a returning war veteran, Dr. John Watson and together they team up to solve crimes. Each episode is a different mystery to solve though there is the overarching tie of Sherlock’s arch nemesis, Jim Moriarty (played brilliantly by Andrew Scott). The modern update allows for Sherlock to utilize modern technology such as texting and the internet. Watson keeps an internet blog that leads to Sherlock’s increased popularity and renown. Each episode is around 90 minutes so the viewer gets the opportunity to be fully immersed in the story and allows for the story to be fully fleshed out and concluded without the feeling of being rushed.

Why it is AWESOME: It’s everything I have ever wanted in an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman is amazing as John Watson and won a BAFTA for the role. Mark Gatiss is a wonderful Mycroft and Andrew Scott makes an interesting and frightening Moriarty. Cumberbatch has made the character of Sherlock his own and he really was made for the role. The writing is smart and crisp and while it does pay homage to the source material, it also adds twists and turns that make the series its own interpretation. I really can’t express how awesome this show is.

How can you see it?: The first season is on Netflix streaming. The second season just finished airing on the BBC and should be available on Netflix soon.


4) Burn Notice

Burn Notice cast

I see you back there Bruce Campbell.

Stats: Five seasons for a total of 80 episodes plus one made for tv movie.

Starring: Jeffrey Donovan, BRUCE CAMPBELL, Gabrielle Anwar, Sharon Gless

Why you might have missed it:  It’s another one of those USA network shows.

Summary: Michael Weston has found himself in a little predicament. His assets have been frozen and he has no money and is stuck in his hometown of Miami. He was a spy but he’s been burned ie basically fired and when a spy is fired, all kinds of bad things happen to him. For one, Michael now has to interact with his mother on a daily basis. Also, he has no real identity, has no friends except for an ex-IRA agent Fiona and a semi-retired covert operative named Sam and is under FBI surveillance. Michael needs to track down the people that burned him and why so in order to do so he takes on small jobs as a detective. The individual episodes are about the cases he takes to earn money while the overarching theme is about trying to find out who kicked him out of the spy world and why.

Why it is AWESOME: It has BRUCE CAMPBELL in it so the awesome-factor is already increased by at least a hundred. Fiona is a fire-cracker that likes to blow things up which happens an awful lot. It’s a fast paced show and it has that Robin Hood kind of charm to it as well.

How can you see it?:  Seasons 1-4 are available streaming on Netflix.


5) Dexter

Stats: Six seasons with 12 episodes per season for a total of 72. It has been announced the Dexter will run for another two seasons.

Starring: Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, C.S. Lee, David Zayas, Lauren Velez

Why you might have missed it: It is on Showtime. Also, if you are any bit squeamish, you may have to watch this one through your fingers.

Dexter title cardSummary: The series follows the life of ordinary, nice guy Dexter Morgan who just also happens to be a serial killer. Dexter works in the Miami Metro Police Homicide crime lab as the blood spatter analyst. He has a girlfriend (for a few seasons), a child, a ball-busting sister and a pretty ordinary day life. His night life, however, is a bit of a doozy. He’s a serial killer but don’t worry, he has a code, so unless you’ve killed someone, you’re likely safe. The series is about how Dexter balances his two lives while usually tracking down a serial killer or some big baddie that culminates in a suspenseful season finale.

Why it is AWESOME: This is a show that has the viewer empathizing with a serial killer. Really. Dexter is an ordinary guy except for his dark passenger that needs to kill every now and then. However, he follows a code which a lot more than you can say about the people he goes after. It’s interesting to watch Dexter navigate normal life while balancing this dark secret he has as well. The supporting cast is also great and is a great contrast to Dexter, highlighting how being normal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either.

How can you see it?: via Showtime. Or you can get the DVDs through Netflix.

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