TV News — Friday, 9th March, 2012

  • Wild WestDoctor Who is tapping into the Sci Fi actor hall of fame and will be featuring Ben Browder in an episode of series 7 set to take place in the Wild West. From SFX. Also take a look at Blastr who have pictures from the filming of the episode in Spain (which really does look like the desert parts of the Southwest of the US).
  • Looks like Skins (UK) is finally coming to an end. BBC News reports the shows seventh series, set to air in 2013, will be its last.
  • After disappointing ratings, Fox has canceled Terra Nova. However, the production side of the company is attempting to sell the series to another network to keep it running. From The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Glee is looking to cash in on the hype following the tragic death of Whitney Houston by doing an 8 song tribute to the late singer when it returns in April. Apparently Ms. Houston’s work will be used to focus on the graduating seniors and their worries about moving on from High School. Personally, I think it feels cheap and kind of disgusting, but it’s Glee, so what do you expect? From The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Ewan McGregor talks about his decision to try out American Television, and why movies just aren’t new and engaging for him anymore. From Digital Spy.
  • Laurie Holden (Andrea) talks to TV Guide about that shocking event that happened in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, and what it means for her character.