Doctor Who, S2 Ep00 – The Christmas Invasion

Welcome to Season Two of Doctor Who.

In this episode, we have invading aliens, returning characters, pop culture references and a new Doctor. It’s all very exciting. And we get to see just what type of man the new Doctor is.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The episode begins on Christmas Eve with Mickey and Jackie in their daily routine when they both hear the sound of the TARDIS. They run outside to the usual meeting spot to see the TARDIS careening toward them. The Doctor emerges, a little flaily, grabs Jackie and Mickey in a kinetic fervor, says “Merry Christmas,” and then collapses.

Mickey and Jackie are understandably confused and Rose comes out, still not quite understanding herself, and tries to explain that it is The Doctor.

“What do you mean that’s The Doctor? Doctor who?”

Exactly, Jackie. Exactly.

The Doctor is a little regeneration sick and ends up in pajamas in Jackie’s bed. Rose confirms that both of his hearts are beating and leaves the room. Once gone, The Doctor exhales and some gold vapor slips out. The vapor goes out into the atmosphere. This is important later.

There are some important bits of information that we receive via television. The first is that Harriet Jones, from the previous episodes Aliens of London and World War Three, is now Prime Minister. Also, there was a space probe, Guinevere 1, which has gone into space to study Mars. There is then a shot of the space probe getting sucked into an obviously alien-made hole. This is also important later.

Trombone Santa

Santa has a trombone! Run!

Cut to Rose and Mickey out doing a little Christmas shopping amidst the Christmas rush. They talk about The Doctor and about Christmas and whatnot until they are attacked by brass instrument wielding plastic Santas. Three of them to be exact that shoot fire from their trombones. (I played the trumpet throughout middle school and I can tell you how hard it is to shoot fire from one.) Mickey and Rose run back to the house where Jackie is talking on the phone and preparing for Christmas dinner.

Rose and Mickey burst into the house and look over Jackie’s shoulder to a Christmas tree that wasn’t there before. Jackie thinks Rose bought it and had it delivered. Nope, it’s just a random Christmas tree that tries to attack them. It spins at a very high rate of speed and starts destroying the living room while the three of them run to where The Doctor is still laid out in jammies in the bed.

Rose grabs the Sonic Screwdriver, puts it in The Doctor’s hand and whispers in his ear. “Help me.”

He wakes up long enough to point the screwdriver at the rapidly spinning tree that is coming through the wall and stopping it before they all experience death by Christmas decoration.

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