The Big Bang Theory – A Who’s Who

Supporting Characters


Bernadette Rostenkowski — Melissa RauchBernadette
Bernadette met Penny through waitressing at the Cheesecake Factory. She is waitressing to pay her way toward her graduate degree in microbiology. Bernadette met Howard through Penny and currently they are engaged. Bernadette is very short and has a high squeaky voice. She is good friends with Penny and with Amy Farrah Fowler. She appears in 30 episodes of the series thus far.


Dr. AAmymy Farrah Fowler — Mayim Bialik

Amy is a neurologist who shares many traits with Sheldon. She meets Sheldon through an online dating profile that Howard and Raj created in Sheldon’s name. After much texting and vid chatting, Sheldon and Amy finally meet on a date that Penny chaperones. Amy considers Sheldon her boyfriend though Sheldon refers to her as a “girl that is his friend.” Amy also is a good friend of Penny’s and Bernadette’s, often referring to Penny as her “bestie.” Amy usually makes sexually charged remarks about Penny’s appearance and often misunderstands girl talk subjects. She appears in 26 episodes of the series thus far.


Mrs. Wolowitz, Howard’s mother — voiced by Carol Ann Susi

Mrs. Wolowitz never appears on screen but her shouting conversations with Howard are legendary and usually hilarious.


Stuart Bloom — Kevin Sussman

Stuart runs the comic book store that the main four frequent. Stuart has an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books and is friends with Wil Wheaton



Priya Koothrappali — Aarti Mann

Raj’s sister and Leonard’s love interest for most of season four. She doesn’t get along with Penny though she does like Bernadette. Priya is a successful lawyer and ends her relationship with Leonard when she goes back to India.



Barry Kripke — John Ross Bowie

A co-worker of the guys from Cal Tech. Barry has a significant speech impairment and is usually at odds with Sheldon.


Dr. Leslie Winkle — Sara Gilbert

Leslie is another co-worker at Cal Tech. She enters a relationship with Leonard and then later with Howard. She appears in the first three seasons.


Wil Wheaton — Wil WheatonWil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: TNG fame portrays a caricature of himself. He is friends with Stuart and arch-enemy of Sheldon until the fifth season when they become friends. In the episodes in which Wheaton appears, he is usually used as a foil to Sheldon’s pursuits.


Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother — Laurie Metcalf

Mary is the long-suffering mother of Sheldon. A staunch Christian and Texan, Mary usually has to intervene when Sheldon’s behavior gets out of control.


Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Leonard’s mother — Christine Baranski

Leonard’s very emotionally distant mother is a world-renown psychiatrist. She becomes good friends with Sheldon and corresponds with Sheldon regarding Leonard’s relationships and daily life.



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