Doctor Who, S1 Ep13 – The Parting of Ways


The TARDIS appears.

Rose comes out and is glowing. She has been infused with the time-vortex and has access to his limitless power. She spreads the words Bad Wolf out across time and space so that she can come back to that moment in time and rescue her Doctor. She disintegrates the Dalek fleet effortlessly. She brings Jack back to life. (yay!)


Rose empowered by the time-vortex

The Doctor begs her to let go of the power but she either can’t or won’t. It’s not very clear. So The Doctor decides to kiss her and inhale the power of the time-vortex. Rose passes out and The Doctor, not knowing that Rose has brought Jack back to life, takes her onto the TARDIS and they leave Satellite Five.

Even though, the time-vortex empowered Rose is kind of awesome, and these scenes are amazing, after the TARDIS leaves Satellite Five, I felt this real twinge of disappointment and sorrow that Jack was left behind. I mean, I know he shows up on Torchwood, but it left a bad taste in my mouth that he gets left on a drift where everyone is dead and with no way to get anywhere.

Okay, so back on the TARDIS, Rose comes to with little memory of what happened and with The Doctor doubled over in pain. He’s dying. No one is meant to absorb all that kind of power and it is killing him. He briefly explains the regeneration process.

“It means I’m going to change.”

The Doctor regenerates in a show of light and then we get David Tennant.

Alright, so, first series is finally done. I must say, it was kind of awesome. I am going to miss Christopher Eccleston and I know there will be some adjusting to David Tennant (and then again later to Matt Smith). But you know, as they say, you never forget your first Doctor.

Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Nothing is filler. Episodes I didn’t really think added much still had elements that showed up later. For example, The Long Game set up Bad Wolf and The Parting of Ways. Boom Town is how Rose knew that the TARDIS could be opened, etc. I guess I need to trust in the writers a little bit which is hard to do after being burned by so many other series. (OMG LOST)
  • The Doctor is awesome. He may know a lot of things and be quick on his feet, but he still has a variety of flaws and that is what I really like about him.
  • I’ve learned quite a bit of Who vocabulary! Yay!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed following me along as I continue to indoctrinate myself into the ways of the Whoniverse. Up next, series two.

Goodbye Ninth. Hello Tennant.

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