Doctor Who, S1 Ep13 – The Parting of Ways

emergency protocol on

Emergency Protocol One

The Doctor then tricks Rose into going into the TARDIS and then he sends her away. He initiates Emergency Protocol One which means that he believes he is also about to die and that he is facing an enemy that he cannot allow to have the TARDIS. This soliloquy by The Doctor is a little bit tear-jerking. I’m not saying all out tears but I may have choked up a bit. (Just have some tissues standing by, okay? In case.)

The next part of the episode exists in two different timelines. The first is that of Rose back at her regular life where she has many emo teenager moments. The other is that of The Doctor constructing the Delta Wave while talking to the Emperor of the Daleks and Jack and the others defending Satellite Five.

Basically, Jack realizes that since The Doctor sent Rose away that everyone left behind is kind of doomed. Also, the Delta Wave won’t just destroy the Daleks but everyone in that system, including everyone on Earth and everyone on Satellite Five. The Doctor has to make a decision. Kill everyone to kill the Daleks or let the Daleks take over Earth. You would think this would be an easy choice for The Doctor, since Rose is safe and his utter hatred for the Daleks, but as always, the writers and Eccleston show how it isn’t such an easy choice after all.

Dalek Emperor: “If I am God, the creator of all things. Then what does that make you Doctor?”

Meanwhile, Rose on Earth realizes something. She has an outburst while eating chips (which is laughably bad) and runs out of the restaurant. She is sitting in a park and sees the words Bad Wolf written in graffiti all around her. She has the sudden epiphany that Bad Wolf has followed her and The Doctor through time and that ultimately she is still linked with him and can find a way to get back.

Rose decides to open the heart of the TARDIS to find a way back to The Doctor.

While Rose, Mickey and her mother, Jackie, try to break open the TARDIS, Jack and his band of militia are getting slaughtered by the Dalek invade.

Jack is the last man standing but not for long. (Sniff)

Rose does manage to get at the heart of the TARDIS, stares into it, and becomes engulfed by a golden glow. The TARDIS doors close with Mickey and Jackie looking on.

Back on the satellite, The Doctor is surrounded by Daleks and he has his hands on the control that would set off the Delta Wave. In the end, he decides to be a coward rather than a killer and waits to be exterminated.

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