Doctor Who, S1 Ep13 – The Parting of Ways


So this is the end of series one. I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t know that this is the last episode of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, because I’m very well aware. So I knew going in that something big had to happen and well, it did.

The previous episode ended with Rose being captured by the Daleks and The Doctor, Jack and a few others working together on Satellite Five to find out just what the heck was going on. The Doctor promised the Daleks that he would not only rescue Rose but that he would bring an end to their race like had had done in the Time War.

The first scene of this episode shows The Doctor and Jack flying toward the Dalek mothership. The TARDIS materializes around Rose and a Dalek that Jack ends up shooting. Rose is saved! Yay!

The Doctor

Just try it Daleks

Then The Doctor decides to exit the TARDIS and talk to the superior Dalek that refers to himself as a god. Jack has managed to concoct a forcefield around the TARDIS so the trio is safe as they stand outside of it, which is a good thing because as soon as the Daleks see The Doctor, they open fire.

The Doctor then proceeds to be a BAMF and remind the Daleks that he is called “The Oncoming Storm.” (Be still my heart. I love it when The Doctor is a bad-ass.)

To make long exposition short, the Dalek leader-god-type-guy escaped the Time War and ended up near Earth. He infiltrated the black spaces and began a new race of Daleks created out of humans. The Doctor realizes that the Daleks he has created stink of humanity and are driven mad by the hatred of their own existence. In other words, they are crazy dangerous.

The Doctor, Jack and Rose leave and go back to Satellite Five. The Doctor decides to construct a Delta Wave that will fry the Daleks’ brains. Jack comes up with a cunning plan that will force the Daleks to invade at level 494 of Satellite Five giving The Doctor time to construct the wave-device (The Doctor is on level 500). Jack, Lynda (who is still onboard), and the two staffers from the previous ep mount a resistance at level 494 with help from some stragglers that remained on Satellite Five. (The other stragglers decide to stay where they are to become Dalek fodder.) I’d like to stop here and point out that before Jack leaves, knowing he is pretty much going to his death, he kisses Rose and then kisses The Doctor. (I kind of love Jack and at this point, I am glad to know that he exists on Torchwood.)

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