Music News — Tuesday, 28th February, 2012

  • Keane have released details of their next album, Strangeland. From NME.
  • NME have a chance for you to listen to Kasabian’s latest track, “Narcotic Farm No.II”
  • It’s always good to hear that a band isn’t fighting, isn’t it? According to Blur’s Damon Albarn, he and Graham Coxon have less issues than they ever had in their tumultuous history, due mostly to the fact that they now live very independant lives and aren’t “on top of each other” all the time. Let’s hope things continue that way, because we never want them to break up again. From NME.
  • Head over to YouTube to listen to an extended 13 minute version of Gorillaz “DoYa Thing.”
  • Because he is probably the busiest man in music, NME also has a chance for you to listen to the new track “Hey Shooter” from Rocketjuice and The Moon, Damon Albarn’s latest project with Flea and Tony Allen.
  • Also on YouTube is a fan made video for Graham Coxon’s new song “What It’ll Take.”
  • NME also have a chance for you to listen to the new Arctic Monkeys single, “R U Mine?”
  • In an interview with NME at the BRIT Awards, Foster the People tell fans to expect their next album to be “less digital” and for it to hit shelves sometime before the end of the year.