Fringe, S4 Ep13 – A Better Human Being

The Peter/Olivia SUV kiss

Later, Olivia tells Peter this is hard for her, too — she keeps expecting Peter to have that look in his eye but he either doesn’t or he does and he’s pulling back.. Olivia remembers being closer to him than anyone else in the world but yet he acts like that’s not true. D’aww. She wants him to treat her like he knows her like that, because he does. Peter, frustrated, can’t do that right now.

The Peter/Olivia SUV kiss

Look how happy they are!! You just know something awful's about to happen.

BUT THEN. Near the end of the episode, Olivia and Peter are in the SUV and they stop at a gas station. They chat about the case, and then Olivia haltingly says how now, normally, because the case is over they’d go back to one of their houses. But she doesn’t know what he wants to do — she asks him to think about how they should play this. Peter assures her that it’s all he’s been thinking about. He says it’s just that he’s afraid because he’s betrayed the Olivia that he loved before. Olivia nods. Then he says that what he’s most afraid of is that when he looks into her eyes he knows it’s her. Olivia looks like she’s about to cry with joy, and they both beam, and then he leans across the seat to kiss her. SQUEE! So. Cute.

And they kiss again, and beam at each other some more, and I just about melt from the cute. Then Olivia pulls back and kind of giggles and says she has to go pee. Peter laughs and watches her leave. Everyone in the audience notes that there are still three more minutes and screams, “Noooooo! Something terrible will happen to you!”

Sure enough, after some time Peter goes into the mini mart to check on Olivia and sees that the restroom door is open. No one’s there, and the attendant doesn’t remember seeing her. Peter is dismayed.

But not as much as we are to see a disheveled Olivia waking up bound to a chair in a basement somewhere. Opposite her is Nina, looking even more disheveled. She asks if they’ve hurt Olivia, and then tries to comfort her by saying they’re going to be okay. However, since they’re both bound to chairs in a basement, and one of these Ninas is either a shapeshifter, Red-verse Nina, or something else nefarious — I doubt everything’s going to be all right!

Favorite Parts:

– Walter’s conversation with one of the inmates about the wonders of LSD — in which he learns that the man he’s talking to thinks he’s orbiting Venus. His response? “Oh! That’s a lovely planet.” Hee.

– The cute interactions between Sean and Astrid. Astrid’s so caring and sweet — two adjectives that could be her middle names — and Sean likes her. I almost want them to start going out, although he’s a little young for her. But hey, at least he’s not really crazy, and besides, Astrid likes nice crazy people.

– Equal opportunity shallowness, after last week’s observation: Peter’s blue shirt in the lab when they’re testing Olivia. It really brings out the lovely Mr. Jackson’s blue eyes. Hoo boy.

– Olivia finally being completely Our Olivia again, and Peter recognizing it. And their faces in the SUV scene? Amazing. Their chemistry is always lovely, but that was an especially beautiful sight to behold.

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