Glee, S3 Ep13 – Heart


See how they flirt

Blaine is back from the dead. Thankfully, because the production got so far behind schedule on the Michael episode, they were still filming when Criss returned from his stint on Broadway, so they were at least able to work him into the episode, even if only briefly. He’s a surprise to Kurt, who in a true contrast to his reaction to Karofsky, goes from a look of pure sadness at the conversation with Karofsky and the fact that his boyfriend is not there with him to celebrate the day of love, to overwhelming joy as Blaine gets up on stage and starts singing and dancing. I’ve always loved how much emotion Chris Colfer can express with just his facial expressions, and he goes through such a wonderful array of emotions in this few minutes that it’s beautiful. Now, granted, “Love Shack” is not really the best song for Criss’ range, but it’s kind of a hard song for most people. And in the end, it doesn’t matter because this whole scene is about everyone just having a good time. There’s lots of flirty fun between Klaine: highlights including Kurt already having a microphone when Blaine offers him one (Blaine’s “of course” look is adorable), Blaine pulling Kurt out of his seat by his tie, and the two of them being close and flirty at various points during the song, Santana crying out “Money” as Kurt does in one of his lines, Finn being an adorable goober during his shot through an ice sculpture, Sam pulling apart one of the heart balloons in the background, and last but not least, Kurt’s flirty “come hither” hip shake at Blaine in the later portion of the song. In the end, I hate that the boys didn’t even get to talk to each other, but Glee is often at it’s best when it ends on a fun song with the cast just getting to be goofy, and at least we got that.

Songs I didn’t mention before: “LOVE” – Mike & Tina: Absolutely adorable. I have to admit, I find Jenna Ushkowitz’ voice to be a little grating if they get the songs wrong, mostly because she sounds very childish when they do, but this is one of those songs I think works great for her, even though I usually prefer her on a lower register. “Stereo Hearts” -The God Squad (Joe Hart, Mercedes, Sam, & Quinn): That Samuel Larson definitely has a voice on him, and this was a great choice for him. And who knew Chord Overstreet could rap?! Let’s let him do more of that, and less “normal” singing as his voice is only okay otherwise. “You’re The Top” – The Berry’s: I thought it was hilarious that Rachel’s Dad’s were going to be singing this song. Then I saw the episode. Something about singing it with their daughter just made it creepy.

Favorite Quotes, Anecdotes, & Lingering Questions:

– “Oh god, not another bake sale.” – Kurt in response to Will’s idea to perform singing telegrams for V-Day to raise money for costumes for Regionals.

– Wait, is the Sugar Shack the new official name for Breadstix, or was it just for V-Day? I’m confused.

– “I would love to hear you sing something straight.” – Leroy Berry to Hiram Berry

– “Chicks dig accents.” – Rory. Trufax. An accent automatically makes a guy  25% hotter.

Brittana's Playlist

Brittany's playlist for Santana

– Brittany’s playlist for Santana. 1) Purple People Eater, 2) Disco Duck (I don’t even know what that one is), 3) Monster Mash, 4) On Top Of Spaghetti, 5) Pac-Man Fever, 6) Osama Yo’ Mama, and 7) Diff’rent Strokes

– Burt, I don’t think that conversation was about the kind of lube you think it was about.

– In a parallel to last year when Kurt dedicated “Silly Love Songs” to “all the singles out there,” Blaine dedicates “Love Shack” to “all the lovers in the room.”

– Wait, do they even have See’s Candies in Ohio? It has been over 15 years (oh god, I’m old) since I worked there, but at the time they were only available on the West Coast.

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