Glee, S3 Ep13 – Heart


Brittany shares her playlist with Santana

Time to try and explain away the double standard. It’s been a complaint for awhile from many parts that despite promises to the contrary, Murphy & Co. have shown a clear double standard when it comes to showing affection between the straight and same sex couples on the show. So how do the powers that be address it? Not by trying to change it or anything, no, we don’t really want to rock the boat all that much. No, instead they’ve just written an explanation into the show. Kind of like they did in 3×03-Asian F when they showed that Blaine was wary of showing any true affection towards his boyfriend after Kurt had given him the roses, because they were in public. Only I guess they decided that wasn’t enough, so they’re saying it explicitly. Brittana are the writers’ vehicles this time. As the couple come close to sharing their first on screen kiss (you heard right, they have never kissed on the show before… appalling, I know), they’re stopped by Principal Figgins who calls the “Teen Lesbians” into his office to give them a lecture on Public Displays of Affection (PDA). Apparently the day before the girls had shared a quick peck in the halls (and there it is! The first kiss!) and the Principal’s Office received a complaint about it. Figgins tries to pass this off as a need to control all PDAs, but of course no one complained about the “hideous display” that took place between Finn & Rachel immediately following the Brittana kiss, and lasted for several minutes. And I really did not need that shot of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele’s open mouths coming at my screen just then. ::shudder:: But of course, that’s not a problem because of course no one is complaining, and Santana calls Figgins on the double standard at the school, all while Brittany sits there not opening her mouth.

The girls get to share another lip lock, as well as several tender moments during the Valentine’s Day Party at the end of the show, but that’s okay, because this is a Very Special Gay Episode of Glee, so they’ve gotta pack in as much between the two as they can in an attempt to satisfy the fans for a little while so they might stop bitching when it takes another 10+ episodes before they share another word, let alone another kiss. I’m sure Klaine too would have kissed had it not been for the fact that Darren Criss barely made it back in time to film anything for the episode, and then they had to cut another 30 seconds at the end of the show for that tribute to Whitney Houston (which ok, it’s horrible that she died and I cried when I heard too. But I really didn’t feel that was necessary or fitting when she personally had nothing to do with the show. People who worked on the show, yes, but just because you used an arrangement of a song she sang once, that she didn’t even write, in the episode? Not a good enough reason, in my opinion).


I finally believe they might actually love each other

Trying to explain the lack of affection away only drew attention to the fact that the writers are well aware of their double standard, and are going to do nothing to change it. What’s worse, it’s not even kissing, or even hand holding that they’re keeping the same sex couples from sharing. Kurt & Blaine haven’t had a single conversation since they lost their virginity to each other in The First Time – and that was 8 episodes ago. There still hasn’t been a single conversation about the fact that they might be over 600 miles apart next year. And Brittana, though they got to share a little lip lock this time around, haven’t had a meaningful conversation in ages either. I still can’t get over the fact that Brittany didn’t play more of a part in “I Kissed A Girl”, which was her own girlfriend’s coming out episode. Nope, instead that right went to the All American straight white boy, Finn. Glee, your bias is showing and it’s appalling. There’s a simple answer to this issue if you really can’t make yourselves challenge the idea that you can’t show much affection between the same sex couples. Stop showing so much affection between the straight couples. Finn & Rachel have kissed so many times this season I’ve honestly lost count. That just makes your double standard all the more apparent. But if you at least stopped having them kiss, or at least they only did it every few episodes, as they’ve done in past seasons, as opposed to at least twice an episode, as they’ve done this season, it would be a tiny step that would help just a little. It’s still not fair. I personally can’t stand watching Finchel kiss. Yep, it offends me, mostly because they’re not just pecks but full on makeouts done in full view of everyone which I hate. So if we can’t even get a quick peck on the lips now and then from the same sex couples, let’s stop the tonsil hockey in blatant display of the entire Glee Club (they were standing at the piano this last time, that’s appalling) on Finchel’s part. Okay? /rant over… for now.


What a tacky gift

Samcedes is done. At least for now. Hallelujah. They actually did what I said last week was the only thing that could be done in this situation really. Mercedes returned to where she was this time last year: time to focus on herself, and not boys. Sure, it looks like she really hurt Sam, but dude… you guys had no chemistry. Try hooking up with Quinn again. Or better yet, how about breaking up Finchel? I’d love to see a romance between Sam & Rachel. Their interaction during “Stereo Hearts” was adorable, and they have a lot more chemistry than either Samcedes or Finchel ever had. The one good thing we got out of this was a beautiful cover of “I Will Always Love You” from Mercedes. Though that bit where she’s on the stage in the auditorium? She was kind of terrifying there. That lighting from the back only worked on the shots from the side. Otherwise she was really freaking me out. But Amber Riley has an amazing voice, so I tried to focus on that.

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