Glee, S3 Ep13 – Heart

I had to keep myself from starting this recap for a few days because I was very emotional after the episode. Now, after days of trying to calm myself down, I just did another re-watch and I can already tell this is going to be a hard one for me to do. So bear with me.


The Berry's

Meet The Berry's

Honesty. Respect. Dance. The best part of the episode was easily finally getting to meet Rachel’s Dads. And they did not disappoint. You can clearly see just where Rachel got all her crazy, and her awesome from. Their purpose in the episode was an attempt to foil the Finchel wedding, by using a bit of reverse psychology, and making the kids think they supported them 100%. With a little help from Burt & Carole, they managed to get the pair upstairs in Rachel’s room and fighting over where Finn needed to go #2. Yes, this is quality television my friends. I get what they were doing, it was one of the easiest ways to draw tension between the two, and yeah, it’s an issue that a lot of couples have to deal with because we are all taught that our bodily functions are gross and embarrassing. So I get why they chose this subject to fight about, I just really didn’t need to know about Finn’s pooping. And now I’m having a flashback to Season 1 when Finn was phoning Kurt from the Fabray household and said he had to go because they’d think he was pooping. ::shudder:: Anyway, the plan obviously backfires spectacularly, and Finchel end up setting a date for May, just after Nationals. Nice one guys. But at least this means we get more of Hiram & Leroy in future as the Finchel wedding storyline progresses. So that’s a plus.

Meet Joe Hart

I really thought I'd hate him, then he won me over completely

Meet Joe Hart. The Glee Project’s second “winner,” Samuel Larsen, enters the fray as the “Teen Jesus,” Joe Hart. He’s a sophomore (because we need younger people on this show, STAT) and has been home schooled all his life. When he realized his best friend was his mother, he decided it was time to get out and meet people. Hence, his mid year transfer (and boy do they transfer A LOT on this show). Other things we find out in the first five minutes he’s on screen include his father being a Bible salesman, scriptures from the Bible being tattooed on his person, each dreadlock is named after a book of the Bible, and he can play guitar, but only knows Christian songs. Do you sense a theme here? Ryan Murphy wanted a good religious character, ’cause he apparently forgot that Quinn was, and so here we have him.

I honestly couldn’t stand Larsen on what I saw of The Glee Project, mostly because he seemed to be pandering and just trying to give the judges exactly what they wanted in order to win. Which is fine, except lets not be quite so obvious and dickish about it, okay? Anyway, because of this I really thought I’d hate this character. But I was wrong. Larsen actually managed to exude a certain charm in his performance that made me like him right away. I was a little worried when he seemed unsure of how to address Santana’s request for The God Squad to sing a song to Brittany, but then he said the words “love is love” and he won me over completely. Doesn’t hurt that he really does have a pretty good voice. Nothing to Chris Colfer or Darren Criss, but probably tied with Kevin McHale for third place, in my opinion. Larsen expressed a desire to see his character paired with Quinn, who used to be portrayed as very religious, and seems to be heading that way a bit again, and it looks like he may be getting his wish. That moment during “Love Shack” when Quinn came over and pulled Joe with her to dance? Yeah, that was a pretty deliberate shot. Something is happening there.

Let Me Love You

Artie attempts to woo Sugar

The Artie-Sugar-Rory triangle. Just a silly, but fun way to play with the characters, really. I mean, you definitely don’t get the feeling that any of them actually like each other. Sugar clearly doesn’t. And as far as I can tell the boys just want someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, and Sugar’s one of only two free women in the Glee Club. Artie’s “Let Me Love You” is great, because it’s just the kind of song that Kevin McHale’s voice is perfect for. Rory’s “Home” is great mostly because you realize later that he’s lied to them all about not getting his visa extended in order to win Sugar’s sympathy, and inevitably her hand for Valentine’s Day.

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