Doctor Who, S1 Ep12 – Bad Wolf


The first series of Doctor Who starts drawing to a close and this episode is the catalyst for the big grand finale that is to come.

However, it starts off a little wobbly.

There is flashback to the episode The Long Game which is the one with Simon Pegg. An episode that I didn’t like very much and recapped it as “total filler.” I’m beginning to realize that nothing is “filler” in the Whoniverse. Anyway, the flashback seems a little strange but it is important.


The Doctor on Big Brother

Somehow The Doctor, Jack, and Rose are separated and thrown into reality show games as contestants. Rose finds herself on a form of the Weakest Link. The Doctor is a contestant on Big Brother and Jack lands in some sort of extreme makeover show. Our trio quickly discover that the bad part about these games is that the loser gets disintegrated or in the case of the makeover show, mutilated.

Apparently, the people of Earth think these shows are just awesome because all they do with their time is watch telly. The contestants are randomly chosen people that are picked up by a transmat beam and placed into the games. The Doctor quickly realizes that no regular transmat beam would be able to break through the TARDIS so he knows that someone has brought them there.

While The Doctor is engaging in some property destruction in the Big Brother House and while Jack is showing off his bits to all the viewers, Rose is having a realization. The company that runs the games is called the Bad Wolf Corporation. Cue montage footage of all the times Bad Wolf has come up in her travels with The Doctor.

Hellooooooooooo Jack

The Doctor and Jack manage to escape their games. The Doctor brings along Lynda (who is sweet) and the three of them team up to find Rose. Jack’s escape is particularly humorous and he pulls a gun from somewhere even though he is starkers (naked). Jack does manage to fashion a gun and find some clothes that make him look like Han Solo’s long-lost leather-wearing cousin. (I really approve of this. Thank you costuming department.)

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