Fringe, S4 Ep12 – Welcome To Westfield

Welcome to Westfield

At the high school, Walter examines another survivor who has just started showing symptoms, in order to try to get some clues. The woman keeps talking about how her husband should be there soon, despite the fact that her friend tells Walter her husband’s been dead for years. Also, she seems to have two sets of bottom teeth. Eugh. Walter connects this to the fact that the cook at the diner had two irises in each eye. He takes a blood sample from the woman, and Peter convinces Olivia to let Walter test her blood, too, just so they know for sure.

During the wait, the newly-crazy lady gets loose and slashes her wrists. Cliff wonders why she developed symptoms so late, and muses about how his family shouldn’t even be here because he just got a great job offer out of state. But he turned it down because he didn’t want to move away from his home. Just then, Walter comes over the intercom to summon Olivia and Peter to the biology lab, like a principal summoning two errant students to his office. It’s pretty great.

Merging Westfields

'Cause the two towns are overlapping, see?

He excitedly tells them that the woman’s blood had 92 chromosomes, which is twice the amount that should be in a human. He adds that he and Belly once combined a tiny amount of this universe with the other universe, and the effects on the physics of that area were catastrophic; in fact, similar to what they’ve been seeing in Westfield. And if the two Westfields are merging, perhaps the people of the town are merging with their doppelgangers. That would explain their schizophrenic behaviors, says Walter, and he wonders just how overwhelming getting a sudden flood of memories that aren’t one’s own might be. Olivia looks like she might just throw up at the thought. Walter goes on that it can’t be reversed, and Peter starts to ask about Olivia. “What? No, Olivia’s blood was fine!” Walter breaks out, belatedly. Oh, Walter. He says all the unaffected people probably don’t have alternates in the other Westfield.

But all this couldn’t happen naturally. Walter says it would take an enormous amount of energy — and even if we hadn’t seen David Robert Jones and the amphilicite (which is my new band name) mentioned in the previouslies, here’s where we’d all join Peter in thinking that Mr. Jones might be responsible for this. And everything in Westfield is about to get worse. An earthquake punctuates Walter’s statement to that effect, and when they go outside, they can see what looks suspiciously like the other universe flickering into view and then back again. As they watch, a building is destroyed by this process. (Sadly, Olivia sees no Glimmer — guess she needs more surreptitious, migraine-inducing Cortexiphan injections.)

So they travel by school bus to the safe place Walter and Peter have figured out. Walter fends off a ‘zombie’ attack along the way with his pepper spray. It looks for a moment like even the so-called safe place is about to be destroyed as everything around shakes and vanishes. But then the… dust? clears and everyone with them is fine, though the rest of the town is a Sunnydale-esque crater, or at least a wasteland. Broyles and other law enforcement (and some ambulances) can finally get in. He reports that those with the Fringe team are the only survivors, and what’s more, search teams found devices with traces of amphilicite around the perimeter of the town. But they know Jones has far more of the substance at his disposal.

Unexpected kiss

So cute! But so wrong... or so right? (Can it be next Friday, please?)

I will put the ending scene here, even though it would fit VERY nicely with the Olivia/Peter section above. At her apartment, Olivia primps a bit in front of her mirror before answering a knock at her door. It’s Peter, and Olivia seems not at all surprised to see him. She casually pours him a drink, and when Peter remarks that there’s a fantastic smell in the air, she laughs and says it’s Friday, so she ordered Damiano’s. And then she reaches up and kisses him on the lips. Peter is thunderstruck… but Olivia clearly doesn’t know why he would be. Yeah, it just got real! (I will probably never use that phrase again.)


Favorite moments:

– Peter [over the phone, right after Olivia’s quite racy dream] “Did I wake you?” Oh, in a matter of speaking, Peter. Heh.

– The awesome shot of Olivia’s SUV passing the “Now Leaving Westfield — Thanks for visiting!” sign, and then all of a sudden, without a change in steering, they’re driving past the “Welcome home to Westfield — We’ve missed you!” sign.

– Walter: [after Olivia asks Walter why they can’t leave Westfield] “I’m not sure. I’ve seen this once before. Brigadoon, the musical.”

– Olivia’s light purple blouse. It’s just been refreshing to see Olivia wear some color this season, you know?

– The ending! I so needed that, though I wasn’t expecting it to happen that way. And it was a nice red herring that they worried about Olivia’s memories being affected by what was happening to the townspeople. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see all the Blue-verse stuff coming back to her, and I’m pretty sure it’s a result of the Cortexiphan — though probably Nina and DRJ had no idea that might be one of the results of their nefarious deeds.

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