TV News — Friday, 17th February, 2012

  • We’ll finally be getting more of that truly awesome Dirk Gently series for which the BBC aired a pilot last year. SFX reports that a 3 part series is coming soon.
  • Karen Gillan promises SFX that we’ll get a truly amazing exit for Amy and Rory on Doctor Who.
  • One of the few shows produced in the US that we’ve actually been pretty excited about is Awake, starring Jason Isaacs. Take a look at the first 7 minutes. From Blastr.
  • Digital Spy have a look at a new Behind the Scenes video from Smash.
  • LOST’s Terry O’Quinn has nabbed himself a lead role in 666 Park Avenue, a supernatural pilot for ABC that sounds to me like the networks trying to cash in on some of American Horror Story’s success. Not that that’s a bad thing. From SFX.