Music News – Tuesday, 14th February, 2012

  • Arcade FireA good reason to buy the soundtrack for The Hunger Games could be that Arcade Fire have recorded a new track for the album. From NME.
  • Watch live streaming video from the Arctic Monkeys recent gig in Paris. From Digital Spy.
  • Franz Ferdinand are releasing two Remix EPs next month. Check out NME for a chance to listen to them in full.
  • Gorillaz will be releasing a new track entiteled “Do Ya Thing” this month. From NME.
  • Either President Obama has a pretty eclectic taste in music, or he’s trying to pander to pretty much every type of music fan out there. Digital Spy have a look at a playlist released by the President on Spotify.
  • This fan is quite happy to hear that Graham Coxon has told NME that there will definitely be another Blur album in our future.