Glee, S3 Ep12 – The Spanish Teacher

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Ricky Martin is Sexy

Oh yeah, he knows it.

Ricky Martin is Sexy and he knows it. So halfway through the season Ryan Murphy’s promise of no more stunt casting is blown out of the water as Ricky Martin is the first celebrity to make an appearance this year. At least he’s adorable and you can see the cast melting around him. That’s always fun. Martin’s character is David Martinez, the night school Spanish teacher who Will goes to when he actually tries to learn the language he teaches. Obviously, there’s a contrived reason for him to end up in the choir room, and he serenades everyone with the truly horrible song “I’m Sexy And I Know It.” No really, the song is one of the worst ever done on this show, in my opinion. At least it’s a fun vibe though, and has some great moments, like Kurt adorably flustered whenever Mr. Martinez is anywhere near him, or Finn’s truly awful attempt at body rolls. Stop Finn, just stop. Mike Chang gets a little feisty during the “passion in my pants” line. Everyone just genuinely seems to be having a good time, which is always one of the best parts of this show. The episode ends with Mr. Martinez being hired as the full time Spanish teacher during the day, while Will moves on to teaching History. Reports are that Martin loved doing the show so much that he wants to come back for appearances. So, more swoon worthy moments are in our future.

Favorite Bits, Anecdotes, & Lingering Questions

– How many classes has that History teacher taught now? History, Home Ec… I don’t even remember them all. Guess they’re being economical.

– “By 2030 more people will be speaking Spanish than any other language.” Wait, seriously? Even with over a billion people in China or India?! That just doesn’t seem possible.

– “Ohdeargodpleaseyes” – Aw, Kurt has a little crush. The way he looks at Mr. Martinez throughout “I’m Sexy And I Know It” kills me.

La Isla Bonita

Too Sexy for this photo

– “Ladies I appreciate you spending time with me while Blaine recovers, but why are you being so weird and serious? Our periods don’t come until the end of the month.” – Kurt during the sleepover with Rachel and Mercedes

– Song of the episode goes to “La Isla Bonita” by Santana & David Martinez. Just a beautiful arrangement and Martin and Naya Rivera just look amazing together.

– Most embarrassing performance goes to Will for his “Little Less Conversation” performance completely with Matador outfit and Brittany and Mike acting like bulls. At least the performance is meant to be embarrassing, so I guess it’s okay.

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