Glee, S3 Ep12 – The Spanish Teacher

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The boys get busy with some ridiculous looking shoes.

Samcedes is still boring. Am I the only one who thought Mercedes should have been having a counseling session about her confusion and inability to choose between the two boys alone? Sam shouldn’t have been there. Or, if he was, Shane should also have been there. All her being there with Sam and not Shane manages to do is to make her look like she’s sneaking around behind her boyfriend’s back. In the end it works out oh so well, because she can’t even talk to Sam when she needs to at the end when Shane chooses that moment to walk up. It seems to me that it’s clear Mercedes has made her choice, and it’s Sam — she just doesn’t know how to break up with Shane and fix this whole sorry mess. I’m still not sure how to feel about the whole situation. On the one hand Shane creeps me out completely. On the other hand, Amber Riley and Chord Overstreet just have no on-screen chemistry and their relationship is completely unbelievable because of it. The only time the two do have any chemistry together is when Mercedes sings “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and Sam dances with the boys while singing “Bamboleo.” So, basically they should just be allowed to sing at each other, and not interact. And never kiss, because that’s just bad. Maybe what Mercedes really needs is more of that alone time she was so keen on last Valentine’s Day.

The Finchel Engagement; first reactions. Rachel invites Kurt & Mercedes over for some quality Twilight watching time, and then lays on them the news that Finn proposed. Unsurprisingly, they don’t take it well. Both think she’s lost her mind, and Kurt even threatens to leave right that moment to ask Finn what the hell he’s thinking until Rachel springs a question on him: What would he say if Blaine proposed right now? His lack of an answer and head tilt say only one thing: touche. The thing is, Blaine and Kurt have a healthy relationship, whereas Finn and Rachel never have. And even then it wouldn’t be such a big deal except that it’s obvious that Finn is doing this out of despair of his dreams falling down around him and a desperate desire to hold onto the one thing he thinks is good in his life. Kurt ends up giving him a telling off, completely with applications to other colleges that Finn has apparently not even considered (one is even just a short train ride from NYADA, how has he or Rachel not thought of this?!). The two conversations end up leaving Rachel just as silly and sure of her decision as ever, but Finn at least takes some of what Kurt tells him to heart. We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of this development.

Guess Who's Having a Baby?!

So just how old is Sue meant to be?

The writers are running out of stories to tell with Sue.  Now I love me some Jane Lynch. She’s hilarious, and was one of the best things about this show when it first started. But it’s really starting to feel like the writers are grasping at straws because they just don’t know what to do with her character anymore. Trying to destroy the Glee Club got old after the first year, and they’ve been flailing while they try and keep her relevant to the show in any way they can. Problem is, it’s not working. This time it looks like Sue wants to have a baby using eggs she froze in the 70s, and she wants Will to be her baby daddy. Unsurprisingly, Emma does not approve. As expected, everyone all but laughs in her face (well, Santana does actually laugh) when she shares the news. But she’s a determined woman, and it’s clear at the end of the episode that she’s going forward with this dream. I don’t have a good feeling about where this story is going to go…

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