Glee, S3 Ep12 – The Spanish Teacher

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It’s a little scary to me that I think I may have enjoyed this episode more than “Michael.” Though I think that is largely due to the fact that I didn’t have high expectations for this one (or any expectations at all, really), and I think I checked out a little bit whenever Will was on screen . . . which was most of the episode, really. So let’s see how short this recap is then!


Will, The Matador

Offensive much?

About Will, the grade A douchebag. So this week we find out that Will can’t actually speak even basic Spanish. Though that’s exactly what he teaches. It is extremely ridiculous that the school hired someone to teach Spanish that doesn’t even know the language. And did Will really never think to himself before that maybe he should pick up a book about Spanish himself sometime? Why do I continue to be amazed at just how much Will sucks? Aren’t the writers supposed to want us to like him, at least a little bit? Every time he’s on screen he manages to make me want to punch something. At least we have the lovely Santana calling him on his crap this time around. Bravo! Santana schooling him might just be the best part of the episode. Though, she also tells him he’s a great teacher in Glee, and I can’t get behind that one. At least she confronts him on his perpetuation of stereotypes of Latin culture, which thank goodness that’s what the picture of him in the Matador outfit is all about. There were some very angry people on Tumblr when that happened. Let me tell ya.

Why is Emma even marrying Will? He is terrible to her. Just awful. On this tirade of “I am the man and so must be the breadwinner,” he manages to forget entirely that duh, Emma getting tenure would also be really awesome for them if all they care about is security for their family. The fact that it never occurred to him makes me angry. And calling her pamphlets stupid and silly? Not cool. Beiste shouldn’t have to remind him how awesome Emma is. He’s marrying her, he should see that himself. It’s really starting to feel like the constant apologizing is too little, too late, and Emma needs to realize this and get out before it gets really bad.

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