TV News — Saturday, 11th February, 2012

  • American Horror Story S2A new poster to promote the second series of the FX smash American Horror Story gives us a little bit of an insight into the setting for season 2. Looks like we’ll most likely be looking at a Mental Hospital this time around. From Blastr.
  • Lots of new photos from the second season of Game of Thrones. From SFX.
  • Digital Spy have new photos from tomorrows mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. And Blastr have a interview with makeup for the show.
  • The people behind the truly terrible V remake have now turned their sites on a remake of Space: 1999, which unsurprisingly will now be titled Space: 2099. How original. From Blastr.
  • Steven Moffat is teasing about a very heartbreaking exit for Amy and Rory, and a new companion met in the very last place the Doctor would have expected. From Blastr.
  • SFX has an interview with Russell Hornsby & Silas Weir Mitchell about Grimm.
  • A couple new clips from Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode this week. First up, Entertainment Weekly has a our first look at Rachel’s two dads. Next up is The Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen’s first song on the show, Stereo Hearts.