Film News — Thursday, 9th February, 2012

  • A new trailer for the film Iron Sky has been released. The premise: Nazi’s hid on the dark side of the moon only to enact their revenge on the world in 2018.
  • Oscar nominated film, In Darkness, has a new UK poster. From Empire.
  • Fresh on the heels of its’ successful release of The Woman In Black, Hammer have unearthed a script for Gaslight, a twist on the Jack the Ripper story that posits that the famous serial killer was indeed caught and while secreted away he is consulted by the authorities when a spate of killings similar to the ones he himself committed strike London. From Empire.
  • Hammer has also announced that its next film will be The Quiet Ones. A supernatural thriller about a professor who enlists the help of his students in an attempt to create a poltergeist. From SFX.
  • Another day, another confusing word about whether or not Harrison Ford will be involved in Ridley Scott’s new film in the Blade Runner universe. Not only is the director now denying that the actor definitely won’t be involved, he’s now admitted to not even knowing if the new film will be a prequel or a sequel to the original. The jumping around on this film is starting to give me a headache. From SFX.
  • Glee star Lea Michele may be heading back to Spring Awakening. The actress is in talks with director McG to star in the film version of the Broadway musical. From E!