Book News – Thursday, 9th February, 2012

  • Joss Whedons’ comic follow up to his beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer is about to take on controversy once again. In the latest issue of Season 9, Buffy contemplates an abortion. From Digital Spy.
  • Imagine Entertainment have optioned the rights for a film adaptation of Anne Rices’ The Tale of The Body Thief, the 4th book in The Vampire Chronicles series. From The Hollywood Reporter.
  • The Guardian talks about celebrations for Charles Dickens 200th Birthday.
  • BBCs’ Sherlock has caused sales of the Arthur Conan Doyle series to double. From
  • The actual Raven that inspired Edgar Allen Poes’ famous poem The Raven is displayed in an exhibit in Philadelphia, PA. Apparently it originally belonged to Charles Dickens. Who knew! From Blastr.
  • Alan Moore has announced a new graphic novel in his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. This story to be centered on Captain Nemo. From Digital Spy.
  • Actor John Barrowman talks about his latest book, co-written with his sister. From The Daily Record.
  • Art from Frank Millers’ The Dark Knight Returns, arguably one of the best Batman stories, if not the best, is going up for auction. From Digital Spy.
  • Mark Miller dips his toes into the kids comics market with Kindergarten Heroes. From Digital Spy.