TV News – Monday, 6th February, 2012

  • Lots of news on Being Human (UK) after it’s 4th Series premiered in the UK last night to over 1m viewers. First off, Lenora Crichlow (Annie) talks to BBC News about loosing Russel Tovey (George). Next up is Tovey himself talking to the Radio Times about his dramatic exit from the show. The Guardian gives us a bit of a background on who actually is on the show now.
  • Gary Oldman does a reading of a synopsis of Jersey Shore for Jimmy Kimmel. Even he can’t make me want to watch that horrific show.
  • The highly anticipated series staring Jason Isaacs, Awake, finally has a premiere date. It’s set to hit NBC on March 1st according to Screen Rant.
  • Saturday Night Live give us a taste of what Downton Abbey would look like if it aired on the American network “for guys,” Spike TV.
  • As if we weren’t excited enough, here’s a new trailer for Game of Thrones that has us eager for April Fools Day. And that date better not be a joke, HBO.