Glee, S3 Ep11 – Michael

Wanna Be Startin Somethin

Fun Moments, Anecdotes &  Lingering Questions:

Wonder Twins– Santana calls Klaine “Wondertwins.”

– Wouldn’t Congressman trump State’s Attorney? Kurt, speak up!

– Colfer apparently tattled on Criss to Ryan Murphy because he hadn’t yet been slushied. Criss said it was a rite of passage he deserved.

– Gustin had one take to get the slushie toss right as the cast had been filming all day late into the night and didn’t want to wait the hour it would have taken to reset Criss’ hair and makeup. Luckily he nailed it. Not bad considering he had to make it look like he was aiming at Kurt, but also account for the fact that Criss is shorter and would be falling to the side.

– Santana’s suggestions for Sebastian’s tramp stamp. I vote “Congratulations, You’re my thousandth customer.”

– Burt not only apparently knows that Blaine is okay, but wants to be the one to tell him about Kurt’s finalist status for NYADA. I love that they apparently have a great relationship.

– Finn’s “eyepatch featuring flicks”

– When the ep aired Colfer tweeted saying he hoped everyone liked the ep and “Where else can a guy sing a song about a rat to a gay pirate. #OnlyOnGlee”

– Santana hiding a recorder on her “underboob.” Then “If Kurt would have taped this to his junk I’d have never heard the end of it. We would have had a week of songs about it.”

– “We’re Show Choirs, we’re supposed to be supportive of each other.” Since when?

– The face morph during “Black & White” is just as terrifying as it was in the video.

– Trent Warbler is the only one kind of okay in my books because he shows genuine concern when told about Blaine’s condition, and the first to stand up at the end for “Black & White.”


Unequal Representation of the Gay vs. Straight couples:

Finchel – 1 kiss on cheek & 1 (long one) on lips and a big hug, 1 romantic duet

Samcedes – 1 kiss (which dude, she has a boyfriend, not cool)

Klaine – While sitting as far apart as possible while still being able to touch, they hold hands during “Ben.”

Britanna – Brittany actually had her legs crossed towards Santana during one of the choir room scenes. Scandalous!

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