Glee, S3 Ep11 – Michael

Wanna Be Startin Somethin

So this was one of those episodes that I was kind of excited about. Sure, the themed episodes are usually more about the songs than the plot, and I’m not a huge Michael Jackson fan, but it looked like it was going to be fun. And yeah, the fact that Blaine was a huge part of the plot (even though Darren Criss wasn’t going to be around because of his stint in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway) didn’t hurt. I’m a Blaine fan, you should know that by now. And I thought maybe this meant he’d get some character development and maybe we’d get some cute Klaine moments.

To say I was disappointed, well, understatement. Though I have to say, my initial dismissal of the episode has waned a bit, and upon re-watch I am not quite such a hater. A little bit. But not as much as I was in the hours immediately following my viewing. This is why re-watching can sometimes be a very good thing.


More lovesick Finchel. ::sigh::

Can Finchel just stop? Please? My husband actually groaned when Finn walked up to Rachel in the hallway to ask about her answer to his proposal. He hates this story more than I do, and he’s definitely a casual viewer  and so reflects the general audience better than I ever will. He just doesn’t get them, doesn’t care about them, and wishes they’d spend more time on anyone else. But no, instead we get Finn pushing Rachel to make a decision, until he realized maybe she’s going to say no and he better not push too hard.

Of course, it only gets worse when Rachel finds out Kurt gets accepted as a finalist for NYADA, and instead of not freaking out because she hasn’t even gotten her letter yet, so if Kurt only just got his maybe she should give it a day or two before flipping her shit…she decides it means she wasn’t accepted and has a breakdown. I’m reminded of how awesome a crier Lea Michele, is because I totally believed that breakdown and finally felt sorry for her for a minute. Just a minute though, because Kurt should be celebrating his own acceptance and instead he has to console the drama queen. Rachel, I love you, but just…stop.

Rachel turns to Quinn for advice, and Quinn is totally the adult she’s never been before and tells Rachel she has to say no. This was a great scene, in my opinion. It felt a little off, coming from Quinn who three episodes ago was going to get Shelby fired so she could get her daughter back, but whatever. I’m going to pretend that storyline didn’t happen because I like this new grown up Quinn better. Afterwards, Finchel do their very first duet of the season (yep, I couldn’t believe it either) of MJ’s “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” I still think Cory’s voice isn’t very good, but this was actually a pretty good cover…until Rachel says yes to the proposal at the end. That kind of ruined the song for me. Of course, nothing is simple on Glee, so in the end Rachel gets her own finalist letter from NYADA, and when Kurt asks if she’s told Finn yet we get a hint that maybe Rachel isn’t quite so sure she made the right decision jumping into an engagement with Finn.

Yeah, Kurt got into NYADA. Obviously I adore Kurt, and so I was very happy about this. Though a little confused, because if only 20 people actually get into this school Kurt honestly shouldn’t have had a chance in hell. I’m going with what seems to be the consensus among many fans that a countertenor is so rare that they want to hear him sing at the very least. Which I can understand. Chris Colfer’s voice is spectacular (easily my favorite on the show), and so I would totally be hunting that boy down if I were in charge of admissions at NYADA too. Mostly though, the best part of this was that we got an amazing scene between Kurt and Burt. It’s probably the best scene of the entire episode, really. It’s just so heartfelt and real. These scenes are why I love Glee. And I know the writers still have them in them, so I keep hoping they’ll get us back to those moments when I watch.

Human Nature

This scene was pointless except to include the song.

Samcedes gets shoehorned in for some reason. They cover ‘Human Nature,’ which is apparently Amber Riley’s favorite MJ song, so that’s cool. It’s alright I guess, but I’ve always said as amazing as Amber Riley’s voice is, the range of music she can pull off is extremely limited, and I don’t think this song fits into that range. So it’s okay, but by no means amazing. And then there’s the kiss I think should receive the award for least passionate kiss in the history of television. It was really awful, and I am now completely turned off to this pairing. Though I still prefer Sam over Shane, so I hope she chooses him anyway, even though I think they have zero chemistry.

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