Film News – Monday, 6th February, 2012

  • Fresh off a 2nd place finish at the US Box Office this weekend, Empire and The Guardian have interviews with the star of The Woman In Black, Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Empire also have word that Viola Davis (The Help) is the most recent addition to the cast of Ender’s Game.
  • The only bit of the Super Bowl I actually care about is the commercials. Here’s a new trailer for the much anticipated, The Avengers.
  • Another new trailer that aired during the game, John Carter. I’m still not sure about this film.
  • Word was originally that the new film from Ridley Scott set to take place in the Blade Runner universe would be a complete reboot, with none but Scott returning. But Twitch Film is now reporting that the original films star, Harrison Ford, has entered into early talks to reprise his role from the iconic film.
  • Speaking of Blade Runner, The Guardian have 5 questions that must be answered in the new film.
  • Amidst news of her exit from Doctor Who, The Fresno Bee has news from the Television Critics winter conference with Karen Gillan and her next exciting role.