Merlin, S4 Ep13 – The Sword in the Stone, Part 2

In the morning he wakes Arthur up and they go off into the woods.  Arthur’s crabby and says it’s not the time for one of his “ridiculous games,” which gets me wondering…which games, exactly?  We don’t see him doing games much.  I’m left to assume it’s something they organize between the two of them at night when Merlin’s helping him bathe.  Merlin gets all super Irish for a moment while he explains why he’s dragged Arthur out of a very comfortable patch of twigs.  So basically Merlin makes up this insane, boring folk tale about Arthur’s ancestor doing geography and then putting a sword in a rock.

How is this supposed to make me feel better? Sometimes I get lost in my horse stables!

And behold, they stumble across Excalibur, chilling in the stone.  Suddenly, a bunch of the townspeople show up to watch Arthur try and pull a big metal thing out of a rock.  Seems as good a morning’s entertainment as anything I guess.  After a little conversation that basically ends with Merlin kicking Arthur toward the stone and yelling LOOK LOOK ARTHUR CAN PULL IT OUT, Arthur finally goes up and tries to pull it out.  Of course it doesn’t work, and Merlin’s behind him all “No no, come on, you’re not believing hard enough!” like he’s fucking Peter Pan and the sword is Tinkerbell.  Finally he whispers a spell so Arthur will be able to pull the damn thing out and poof, there it goes.

Slow clap.

Dang, Morgana’s eye makeup is taking over her face.  Somebody forgot to use some cold cream before she went on the treadmill.  Helios informs her that everybody’s dead, including Agravaine.  Somehow she knows Emrys is a dragonlord too?

In the woods, Arthur’s all pepped up and ready to go.  Gwen, what are you still doing here?

Uh-uh girl.

Leon and Percival and Merlin do their usual “we love you Arthur, oh yes, we would die for you” bit. God, he’s so needy.  They must have meetings without him where they complain about having to constantly talk about how they’d die for him.  Tristan looks impressed.  Later, he gives Isolde a bunch of flowers, and Gwen looks sad.  Isolde notices and is like, “Sorry about our gross display of affection, it’s just he can’t keep his hands off me.  But you will totally have that someday too!”

Merlin finishes telling Arthur the folk tale he just made up about how awesome Excalibur is, and then calls him fat.  I have this theory that Colin Morgan finds it really hilarious to tease Bradley James about being fat and just ad-libs all these lines about how chubby he is.  Meanwhile in between takes Bradley James is in his trailer crying into a box of donuts and demanding they tell him he’s pretty.

Later, Merlin heads on into the castle and turns himself into Emrys.  He passes by so Morgana will see him and badasses his way down the hall, thwacking some guard over the head without even looking at him.  He sets some little doll on fire, then steals the guard’s clothes and goes in as Merlin.  Again, Colin Morgan.  Can’t pay attention to the scene.  Stop.

Morgana’s freaking out about Emrys, and Helios gets all over her business, like, “Maybe you should get some sleep.  Yeah.  Sleep.  In my chambers.  I got a feather mattress.  Mmm.”  She looks like she’s probably going to end up killing him pretty soon, but then she curls up quite handily right above the doll.  Back at the camp Merlin looks like he’s been up all night.  Why can’t he just stop time and have a nap?  Arthur bids Tristan and Isolde goodbye, but they’ve been won over by his awesome and decide to fight with him. I’m betting one or both are dead by nightfall.

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