Fringe, S4 Ep 9 – Enemy Of My Enemy

All right, so, this episode is one of my new favorites of the entire show. I wasn’t as worried about the way this season has been going as many people have been, but I do understand where they’re coming from. After this, though, my worries are almost nil. I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief, but just know I could wax very eloquent about the story told this week.

Broyles and the syringe

Nooo, don't inject creepy yellow stuff into Our Lincoln!

After last week’s ending, what everyone is probably most desperate to follow up on is the return of David Robert Jones, and how he is connected to the continuing shapeshifter threat. We’re also reminded of how Col. Broyles seems to be on Jones’ side (meaning, then, that he’s either just plain evil, which is difficult to imagine of any Broyles, or that he’s a shapeshifter). But fortunately, it seems many of Alt!Broyles’ plots are foiled by the one thing Jones couldn’t see coming: Peter. Peter begins by inadvertently stopping Alt!Broyles from injecting some creepy-looking bright yellow liquid into Our Lincoln — Broyles can’t go through with it, because since Peter has agreed to contact the other side and tell them Walternate isn’t their enemy, Walternate wants to personally see to it that they’re both freed and escorted home.

But when Fauxlivia and Alt!Lincoln find Jones and he asks to be taken to Fringe HQ, plans change. Peter recognizes Jones. This means even though Jones is the politely aggravating presence we expect in an interrogation room, Peter is able to shake him up some. He knows he’s from the other universe because of the scars on his face — remnants of, perhaps, a DNA graft that was necessary after teleporting out of prison. (And if it was a DNA graft, we must assume he learned that technology from William Bell, and used it to create the new shapeshifters.) But when Peter tells him about how their last interaction ended with Jones getting cut in half while trying to cross universes, it’s hard to say whether or not Jones realizes what that means about Peter’s origins.

Melting hand

Nice (I guess) to see you haven't forgotten to be gross, show.

Anyway, Jones attacks a ward of a hospital, dissolving people’s flesh quite nastily. He uses this demonstration and the threat of another attack to leverage his way out of custody. The Fringe team plants a tracker on him, but Jones, being Jones, cleverly circumvents this once he’s out — with the surreptitious help of Col. Broyles.

The Alt Fringe team finds out that Jones has been looking at geological data, and they gather that he’s searching for something underground. Peter figures out that Jones wants ‘amphilicite’, the same mineral that powered the battery Jones stole from Nina’s cybernetic arm in S1. Peter theorizes that if Jones gets enough he could use it to blow a hole in the universe. However, when our expanded team gets to the quarry Jones seeks, there’s no sign of him. The quarry he wants is actually on our side, not theirs. Oops.

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